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Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Check-in

No time for a full post with pictures tonight - evening has been too full! Thought I would check in & let you know what's going on...

- Pizza & Movie night with my people. Emma probably watched all of 15 minutes of the movie & was then trying to talk us into letting her wear her Yellow Tutu, get her more apple juice, get her a pop tart, etc

- After the movie she was super sweet, giving hugs & helping.  She helped me wrap a few more Christmas gifts & asked where her's are.  I let her know Santa will be bringing her presents - she seemed pretty happy about that! And then she asked where my presents are... I told her Daddy might get me a few presents... Problem is, we usually decide to buy something big for each other together or we just buy a few things for ourselves for Christmas that don't get wrapped.  We do usually do each other stockings, but I guess we probably need to wrap what we buy!

- She is loving her Elf on a Shelf and is kind of getting the hang of finding him every day. It's really cute. I don't think she totally gets that she needs to be good though!

- Only 2 more Christmas gifts + 2 teacher gifts to buy & we are DONE. Ok, except for each other, but see above.

- First Christmas is tomorrow night with Atchie & her gang - will definitely be lots of fun & I will try to take some pictures to post.  Emma will have a ball!

- David's grandparents are planning to come to town after Christmas - we haven't gotten to see them for a year and a half (Emma was just a few months over 1 when we saw them), so we are excited to see them & hope they make it!

- We have a new niece who was born last weekend that we are hoping to get to meet tomorrow!  Emma's going to have to miss out because she has a cold.

- I think I need to go to Ikea on the way up to Cobb tomorrow. I need to return something I bought last time, plus this fabric food that is adorable is in stock....

- My sweet husband has cookies in the oven for me & we have a date to watch one of our shows together.... I'm thinking the cookies are pretty close to done, so I better go!

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