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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hospital Drama

So yesterday I go to my normally scheduled Drs appointment.  They take my blood pressure and it's 150 over 102 - YIKES! Not quite sure where that came from because my BPs have been running normal all pregnancy.  They checked me out, looked at my swollen feet, made me rest & took my BP again (still a little high, but much better) and then sent me to Piedmont for "further observation."  She told me to take my bag, but not count on Henry's coming...

So we get to the hospital at 4:45, get in our room, & do a whole lot of wait.  My blood pressure was more borderline when we were at the hospital.  We saw the Dr around 6, he ordered labs & said we'd make a decision once we got all the labs back.  I had asked the nurse when I was admitted if she needed a urine sample, she said no since I'd left one at the office earlier.  When the shift changed at 7, my new nurse wanted a sample.  After waiting for over 3 hours, she found out that the lab LOST MY URINE.  This wouldn't have been so bad, except now I had to leave another sample (I had recently gone to the potty) & then the lab takes about 45 minutes to process the sample.  In the meantime, I was having measurable contractions anywhere from 4 -13 minutes apart... Ugh. Anyway, around 12:15 my doctor and nurse finally come back in (no my nurse did not neglect me, she came in about every hour to make sure everything was ok, comment on my contractions, etc), however this was the first time the Dr on call came in to check on me since 6!  So yeah, he tells me all my labs are fine & to go home. Yeah, he never checked me.  So I wasn't leaving until he checked because, hello, contractions for over 4 hours... So anyway, I asked him to check & explained we live an hour away, so I hate to get home & then have to turn back around.  He did finally check & there was no new progress since my appointment this afternoon, so yeah, the contractions must just be to torture me.  So yeah, we waited around the hospital for over 7 hours, having pretty regular contractions, just to be sent home.

I go back to the Dr on Wednesday (the nurse advice tried to argue with me & wanted to send me to a different location in TUCKER because my office "didn't have any available times" tomorrow.)  Seeing how the On Call Dr at the HOSPITAL wanted me to follow up tomorrow, I'm seriously not going to Tucker, which feeds into Northside when I am going to Piedmont... Doesn't make any sense at all, not to mention its 30 minutes FURTHER away from me.  So yeah, then I got 2 time options at my normal office. Whatever, I know I'm just annoyed at the whole stupid situation, but seriously.

And poor Emma was such a trooper last night, hanging out in the waiting room with my parents and Atchie.  We finally decided to just send her home with them around 9.  Well, when I got up & called them, I found out she woke up at 4:30am with a temp of 101.5.  My poor dad went to Kroger and got her Tylenol (of course I didn't think to pack any - she was fine.) Anyway, she's now running a temp again & I have a Drs appointment for her at 1:45 to get her checked out.  She's been a little congested, so I'm not sure if it's a sinus infection, an ear infection, or a kidney infection.  Poor baby girl, I want to see her & give her lots of big hugs & kisses! :(

So yeah... drama.  I'm so not going back to the hospital unless they tell me they are going to induce me for sure.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I had a doctors appointment today just to check how things are going.  Everything is looking good & I have actually made a little progress, which makes me feel a little better. He gave me a little hope that it won't be too much longer (although I'm guessing still a couple weeks at minimum).  I'll be considered full term once I get through Friday which is a good thing.  My blood pressure was good & everything else looked good.  I am still swelling, but at this point it's normal & not related to my blood pressure, so I guess that means I'm allowed to swell :) They did the strep culture & it should be back Wednesday or Thursday, so he's hoping to have the results before I end up in labor... like I said, he gave me a little hope. I like him :)

My back is still causing me a good deal of pain, especially after a long day of sitting in an office chair.  Also, Henry likes to push up around my ribs on the same side as my normal back pain.  They are at about the same level, so yeah, that means bad pain on both sides acting against each other. That also means I'm not able to move to help relieve any of that pain, so yeah... when it happens, I'm not only an unhappy person, it sometimes brings me to tears.  This is happening more & more, which is making me more & more uncomfortable.

I pretty much have everything tied up at work, which is a good feeling.  I'm just helping with my clients as long as I can.

At home, David pulled out all of the baby gear out of the attic so I spent yesterday washing covers & wiping everything down.  So yeah, everything is now put back together & ready to go.  I even went as far as to wipe down some of his toys.  I put the pack 'n play together in his room, not thinking, & then was going to move it out to the living room or our bedroom.... and yeah, it wouldn't fit through the door! So right now the pack n' play is fully put together in Henry's room & I need to take it apart again & move it to our room before putting it back together. Fun stuff :)

At any rate, I go back to the doctor on Monday (I'm on weekly appointments now) & hope to have even better news then :) Maybe a baby is in our not too distant future (I sure hope so!!!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Update & a Few Pictures!

We had a full weekend this weekend (what else is new??)  Saturday we did stay in Covington, but David worked on the garden, etc.  I cleaned bathrooms, changed sheets, did laundry, & did lots of picking up. Then David ran the vacuum, so now our house doesn't look too bad (still need to dust, do more laundry, finish getting ready for the baby!) I did pack Henry's bag (he got a new super-cute diaper bag from my boss Melissa!) and I started packing Emma's bag (I'll have to throw in a few things last minute - I made a list).  I have set out a few things for me for the hospital, but a lot will need to be packed closer to time or last minute.  I know I need to make a list of these things too, but I'm just not there yet.

Sunday, we went to pick up the 2nd set of keys for David's car & then we test drove a different car. Then we headed to the hospital for my hospital tour.  I am delivering at a different hospital this time, so we decided we probably should find out where we need to go :) My parents met us to watch Emma during our tour & they took her to Ikea.  Once our tour was over, we headed over to Ikea and finished walking around with them.  Once we were finished, we all went to New Yorker Deli in Vinings for dinner - I love that place & wish we had a good deli in this area.  Got home last night completely worn out & I laid on the couch for an hour and a half until it was bath time!

Oh I forgot to mention that the end of last week I had really bad back pain & Friday late afternoon I was worried I might have a kidney infection, so called & spoke with the on-call nurse.  They worked me in & thankfully I didn't have a kidney infection, nor was I having back labor (that was her biggest concern).  Anyway, I apparently just have extreme back pain during the end of my pregnancies, so yeah, lucky me.  I'm resting a lot, laying down, & trying to stretch! They checked me out good & everything was fine, so I don't go back until the 18th.

Ok, now to the promised pictures!  Truthfully they aren't to exciting.  Here's Emma watching TV very seriously...

And here she is standing funny. 

And this is probably the most interesting... we had a visitor in our backyard a couple weeks back. Can you spot the deer??  

It was after it had been raining & the sun had come out - around 6:30 in the evening.  The deer munched on some leaves & then walked back into the woods, closer to our next door neighbor's house.  Not sure if it will come back, but Emma & I enjoyed seeing it through the window.  It was a good sized deer and was by itself.  It didn't have any antlers, but my dad said this is the time of year that they all lose their antlers, so I'm not sure if it was a boy or girl.

So yeah, we're real exciting as always at the Scrivner house!  We (ok, me mostly) are VERY ready for Baby Henry to join our family!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

35 Weeks & Counting

I will officially be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I haven't posted lately for 2 reasons:

1. We haven't been too exciting lately.

2. I didn't think you'd want to hear me complain about how bad I feel.

So this is your warning, I am a grouchy pregnant lady & this is my blog, so tonight I'm going to complain some. You might want to skip this post.

So yeah, I'm not feeling very well. I'm just trying to keep on keeping on as best I can, but I'm getting more & more uncomfortable, & sometimes I'm in a good bit of pain.  Lately it's been a lot of back pain & rib pain - basically Henry is running out of room & my back is about to give out from sitting in a computer chair all day at work.  When I get home, I do a lot of laying down & trying to relax.

Last night & today have been more special, symptom-wise. Some back story - I don't throw up. It's just not something I do.  So while I had 18+ weeks of morning sickness with both Emma & Henry, I never threw up because of morning sickness.  However, around 35-36 weeks with Emma, I gagged when brushing my teeth & threw up in the sink.  Henry apparently decided he couldn't be out-done, so last night I woke up at around 11:30 (after being asleep around an hour), with a bad taste in my mouth.  I got up & got a glass of water, came back to our room, & David asked me if I was ok.  Next thing I knew, I was getting sick. Very special.

So yeah, I got sick last night & was up for a couple hours waiting for my stomach to settle down.  Anyway, my stomach hasn't been right all day.  I have been able to eat (relatively bland) and keep down food, so I think I'm going to make it & it's more pregnancy related than actually having a bug.

Anyway, I had a wave of nausea late this afternoon (I was probably starting to get hungry) & got really hot & felt dizzy.  I worried I was going to be sick or that my blood pressure was up (like when I was pregnant with Emma). Anyway, I was thankful that one of my co-workers has a wrist blood pressure cuff & I was able to check my bp & it was normal.  So that's good news.  However, my right foot & ankle is very swollen, so much in fact, I could hardly bend my ankle.  I've had it up pretty much since I got home, so I'm hoping that will help it go back down.  Fabulous.

So yeah, besides my severe back pain, my rib pain, swelling, nausea, another pain I won't mention, & being generally uncomfortable, I'm pretty much about done with this whole pregnancy thing.  Just thought you might like to know.