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Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 4th Do-Over!

On July 4th this year, we were driving home from our beach vacation, so it didn't go quite like I expected. Emma had an accident & had to change clothes on the way home, so I never got a picture of the kiddos together in their July 4th outfits. Emma put her dress on last week, so I went ahead and dressed Henry in his patriotic attire too :) 

I also bought a July 4th cupcake mix back before we decided to go out of town which we never made, so I figured this was the perfect day.  While Henry napped, Emma & I made cupcakes!

When David got home, I told him about our do-over, & he had recorded a few minutes of the fireworks we saw on the real July 4th & showed them to Emma, so we celebrated our redo complete with fireworks LOL.  David brought our extra cupcakes to work the next day, telling everyone Happy 4th of July. We are totally crazy. But the fun kind.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Playdate with Jack!

We've been so thankful to get to spend precious time this summer with my friend Valerie & her son Jack.  I am beyond jealous that she gets summers off EVERY year (not just when on maternity leave - ha!) Last week, Valerie & Jack headed down to our house for some play time. 

Henry likes Valerie :) 

Emma likes Jack! We'll show this on their wedding slide show one day :) 

Giving hugs!

Oh and of course, this cute little guy was there too! 

We have had the best time with them, between playdates at our houses & at the splashparks. I am so sad my "summer" is drawing to a close & I will go back to work on Monday :(

Friday, July 29, 2011

Playing with Our Cousins!

After David & my day away, we headed up to Grandma & Grandpa's to visit.  We enjoyed dinner & Emma loved playing with her cousins. 

Two sweet redheaded boys! 

Swinging on the front porch with Aunt Leslie & Lorelei

Emma sure does love her cousins!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

6th Anniversary Weekend!

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on July 16th (I had a special post that day!) We were blessed to get to spend 24 hours, just the 2 of us! 

First, we dropped the kiddos off at Nanny & Papa's house to stay with them.

Then we went to Goldberg's in Roswell for lunch. It's a bagel place & deli.  It had a take-out side & a restaurant side. We'd never been before, but really enjoyed it. I had a BLT & David had a cheeseburger. 

Then we went to see Midnight in Paris.  I honestly can't remember the last time I had been to a movie in the theater. Very sad getting old. We enjoyed the movie & then headed to the hotel to check in. 

We stayed at the Westin by Perimeter Mall.  Once we were all checked in, we got ready for our romantic dinner out :) 

We were early leaving for our reservation, so we drove around Buckhead a little & made a quick stop at the Container Store (my new favorite place!!!) We picked up a Christmas gift & a new cup for Emma, but I could have spent a fortune & a few days at that store!

Then it was time for our dinner! We went to Bones & quickly remembered why we liked it so much the first time we went. I ordered filet & mashed potatoes to share, & David ordered the same filet as me & an  order of scallops. I was unable to finish mine, but David helped my filet to not go to waste. Needless to say, he was rather full, so we waited on dessert!

After dinner we went to Perimeter Mall & walked around, making sure to visit one of our favorite places....the Apple Store.

Finally we were ready for dessert & decided to try Pinkberry. It was very very yummy. We stopped by Quik Trip for a coke & headed back to the hotel. At the hotel, we watched a movie on Netflix & then called it a night.

The next morning, we got ready & headed to the Cheesecake Factory for brunch. Sadly, I decided it was a little too early for cheesecake, so we passed on dessert.  Then we headed back to get the kiddos, who missed us & were glad to see us! We were glad to hear how good they were for Nanny & Papa, & how well they both slept at their house! I think that means they'll keep them over night again! :)

Spending the weekend with David was the best anniversary present I could ask for!  I'm so glad to know that 6 years & 2 kids later, we still like each other!  We both enjoyed spending time together - it was a great break!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dinner with Elizabeth!

Elizabeth was in town for a few days & we were able to meet her for dinner at Chili's! We had so much fun catching up with her. I mistakenly let Emma sit by her & put Henry by me... Henry slept the entire meal (until I woke him up to feed him), yet Emma "needed assistance." 

Emma wanted help with her corn on the cob... she loves corn! 

And then Elizabeth got to hold & feed Henry!

Elizabeth is so sweet, she didn't mind my crazy children.  :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

1st Time in the Bumbo!

I let Henry try out his bumbo seat, since he's so strong. He did really well, especially since he's still pretty young for it. We'll keep working at it! 

Poor kid, his sister doesn't like him... haha

Please pretend like my living room doesn't look like a daycare... I'd say it doesn't always look that way, but you might not believe me.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Watching Tangled

Emma bought Tangled with a birthday giftcard the other day (yes we've already watched it at least 20 times since we brought it home!)  One morning, I propped Henry up next to Emma & he sat by her for probably 20 minutes just watching Tangled with her, happy as a clam. 

I love my sweet babies!

Friday, July 22, 2011

2 Months Old!

Henry turned 2 months old on June 30th. Here are a few of his 2 month pictures!

I love him to pieces & just think he's the cutest little boy! Plus, he's super sweet & cuddly! As I type, he is sleeping on my lap/arms.  And if I try to move him, forget about it. He likes to nap ON me.  He is also getting much happier to be awake, which I love. It's nice that he will sit in his bouncy seat, look around, coo, & smile in between naps & bottles. He's decided being awake isn't all bad! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 4th!

We drove home from our vacation the morning of July 4th, because David needed to head back to work on Tuesday.  We stopped at Moe's near Macon on our way home. 

Emma entertained me by balancing a chip clip on her nose....I'm not sure where she gets this stuff. 

When we got home, Emma promptly changed into her Cinderella dress. Sadly I never got a picture of both kids in their patriotic clothes together... be on the lookout for one later (hint, hint!)

We went to see fireworks in Porterdale!

We went to fireworks in Porterdale last year too, but we were at a church that was a little ways away watching.  This year, David wanted to be closer to the action, so we decided to brave the main area. We drove right over the bridge & right through all the people, & then drove on some other residential streets trying to find a good place to watch from. We ended up finding a park.....and it happened to be where they were shooting off the fireworks from!! Right by the entrance of the park was a church, so we sat in our car in the church parking lot to watch. We had an awesome view (ok, it was a little smokey).  There were quite a few other people who watched from where we were too, but we just hung out in the car & had a good time. Henry ate most of his night time bottle during the fireworks, half asleep, but then he woke up & watched & stopped eating. He was so cute just looking up at the fireworks!

Anyway, so once the fireworks were over it took us roughly 45 minutes to get home (30 stuck in VERY slow moving traffic). Ended up being a late night, especially after a long drive that morning, but the kids did great. I think the grown-ups were tired!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amelia Island - Day 3

On Sunday, we woke up early & snuggled a little while with the sweeties :) 

Then headed to the beach, where I got to snuggle with this sweet baby!

And his cute baby feet!

David & Emma took a walk (she's the girl with the pink swimsuit & he's with her)

Now she's tired

Daddy & Em

Mommy & Henry

We went back to the hotel & got cleaned up, then grabbed some lunch.  Emma took a nap in the car (yay!) Then we went to the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville (called The MOSH).  

We saw a big whale

And some dinosaur bones

We enjoyed a show about explosions.  Then David did surgery & tried out a prothstetic arm.

They dug for dinosaur bones (this was Emma's favorite part). 

Henry chilled in the stroller (notice his super cute romper - David doesn't like it & thinks it is weird farmer over-alls). 

Emma went up in the tree house

Henry & I watched

She also liked playing in the water

We visited the fountain on our way back to the car. 

We finished up our night with a steak dinner (I think it was called Millhouse), and then packed up to head home :(

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Valerie, you'll notice I updated my blog info & picture just for you!!! Hahahahahaha

Trip to Amelia Island - Day 2

We got up bright & early Saturday morning, got ready, & headed to the beach! First, Mommy & Emma built a sandcastle. 

Then Daddy & Emma built one of their own.

Henry had a pretty cool setup! 

The kiddos got tired, so we went back to the hotel to clean up, & grabbed some lunch.  Then we headed to the Children's Museum in Jacksonville for Emma to play.  In full disclosure, when we pulled up, the building was NOT what I pictured & I said we were going to find something else to do.  David said he'd go in & check it out, & then came back out to get us.  We ended up going in & Emma had a great time.  I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover, right?

Emma played in the train

Emergency Equipment

She loved the play boat! It was complete with life vests, sea animals, a slide, & even a treasure chest with "real" treasure!

Henry got hungry

Playing in the ball pit - this was probably her favorite part

Afterwards, we went & got ice cream!

We went back to the hotel for a little while to rest & feed Henry.  Then we went & got some pizza for dinner. 

Then we decided to visit the beach for a few pictures. 

This one makes me laugh - Miss Attitude, Henry is crying, & David is cracking up! 

This is how we probably look all the time, windblown & all! Two kids is serious business!