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Monday, July 4, 2011

Henry's First Trip to the Drive-In

The Drive-In has been one of David & my favorite things to do since we were dating.  When Emma was born, the drive-in allowed us to continue going to movies (occasionally) and just bring her with us.  We've gone less frequently over the past year or two because Emma now watches the movies, so they now have to be Emma-friendly.  

We have been a little ready to get out of the house, so when we saw Kung Fu Panda 2 was at the drive-in, we decided to attempt it.  We first stopped & picked up our favorite BBQ - Fox Bros BBQ in Atlanta and then headed to the Starlight 6.  We ate in the car & then enjoyed the movie.  We had a few mishaps - Henry decided he was ready to eat when we ate, Emma knocked her plate over in David's seat, etc.  All in all, we made it, but I'm not sure we'll try it again for awhile :) 

Henry & Mommy

Daddy & Emma

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