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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drs Appointment

This week's Drs Appointment was much better than last time, although my symptoms are still the same :)  The Dr didn't seem too concerned, I think especially since I'm getting pretty close to the safe zone (she says 35 weeks - which is next Friday).  I'm glad we're both doing ok, although I'd love to feel better!  Right now, I have lots of aches & pains, & it's gotten more painful depending on how he's moving & where he's positioned.  I'm still having small cramp-like contractions, but I guess these are more common with a second baby.  My biggest problem right now is my back pain.... unfortunately, it's gotten really bad, so when I'm not at work, I'm trying to rest it on the couch :) It's pretty bad when a heating pad, stretching, & a hot bath don't really help. Oh well, I guess I'll deal or go see a chiropractor or get a massage.  David has been very sweet & has helped rub my back for me some.

All I can say is I'm glad it's Wednesday. I'm already worn out!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Reception

Last, but not least, was the Reception.

But first, being a flower girl is a tough job!  Emma fell asleep from the church to the hotel. Poor girl.

Bride & Groom's first dance. Didn't Courtney have a beautiful dress?

Groom's dance with my mom. 

When Mom went up to dance with Cory, Emma (who had been in David's mom, Grandma's lap) hopped down & ran around the table to her Papa & asked him to dance with her. It melted his heart & as soon as Mom & Cory were done he took her out on the dance floor. 

They were so sweet & of course everyone loved it.  The photographer had a field day & took lot of pics of Emma's bare feet! 

When Emma & Papa were done, Maddy & her Daddy Clint went out on the dancefloor. 

Emma joined Maddy & they twirled around. 

The other little kids joined in too - Dylan was there & you can see the ring bearer & his little sister in the background.  My cousin Katy went out & danced with them too. 

Dylan & his daddy

The yummy cake!

Dancing queen!

Dancing with the grown ups

Atchie & her daddy

I love this one of Dad & Emma's profiles

I was starting to feel sorry for my dad & his bad back (remember he & David played paintball the day before), so I suggested David dance with Emma for awhile to give him a break.  Little girl was none too happy - I think she thought her daddy was going to make her stop! 

Once she figured out he wasn't making her stop, she was fine again :) 

A little later, we left & somebody fell asleep pretty much right away (glad we got her changed into PJs before we left the hotel!)  When I asked Emma was her favorite part of the wedding was, she told me the dancing.  Not surprising, I think she danced more than anyone else at the wedding, she never stopped!

She is now calling the reception "The Music" which is so cute & makes me laugh.  She had a great experience as a flower girl - I was so proud of her!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wedding

We had to have Emma at the church by 2, so Saturday morning we rushed around picking up the Groom's cake, dropping it off at the hotel, & eating a quick lunch of leftover BBQ before it was time to get ready.  Mom worked on Emma's hair & then we all got dressed & headed to the church! 

Emma got her dress on at the church & felt like she was one of the big girls! 

With her flower halo... 

So pretty! 

The bridesmaids & flower girls with the beautiful bride! 

Courtney was tired, so she sat on the floor. The photographer loved it, so she got a few more pictures. 

This picture of Courtney is just too cute - can you tell she's tired, hot, & her feet hurt? 

My handsome brother took some pictures with Emma before the wedding. 

And then I proceeded to fall on my butt into a flower bed.  Of course I scared myself, but thankfully didn't hurt anything, just scraped the back of my heel.  At that point, I was told to sit & drink water. That was pretty much how I spent the ceremony & reception since I was sore all over after my fall.  Oh well - I was just thankful I didn't end up down at the hospital! 

The groomsmen & groom taking some more pictures...

So I don't have any pictures of the ceremony, but stay tuned for the final installment of the wedding weekend - the Reception!  One quick note - the ceremony went great & was very nice!  Emma walked down the aisle with the other flower girl & did great, but neither one tossed any flower petals - oh well!  Emma stood up in front of the church the whole time, wiggling just a little & not saying a word. Honestly, for 3 years old, she couldn't have done any better!  Once Cory & Courtney left, she walked back down the aisle with the other flower girl & the ring bearer.  She did AWESOME! Mommy was proud :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal on Friday night went very well.  The wedding party did very well :) 

Emma wasn't real sure of what she was supposed to do, so she held Courtney's hand at first. 

Pastor Billy, Cory, & Best Man Wade. 

Cory was laughing about something, but I have no idea what.  Emma finally held the other flower girl's hand. During the actual ceremony, she held Whitney's hand (maid of honor/Courtney's sister). 

Dinner was at the Rib Ranch, which is Cory's favorite place to eat.  Uncle Perry, Aunt Barbara, & Nene enjoyed their BBQ. 

Our table

Mom & Emma went to talk to Kim, Courtney's mom. 

The Bridal party was at the long table in the back.  They had front row seats to the DVD of Cory & Courtney's pics. 

Emma & Papa - can you tell she'd had a long day?  

Really she did great considering we left our house before 9, got up to Marietta around 10:30 (stopped to get gas, get breakfast, etc), the Bridal Luncheon was at noon.  She then took a 45 min nap on the way to the nail place, we played & got ready for the rehearsal which started at 7, & then we didn't eat until almost 8:30.  I was wiped out & I'm not even 3 (ok, but I am pregnant!)  Oooh I didn't mention the boys played paintball during the day on Friday & had lots of fun, but they were worn out too.  Thankfully none of them got too hurt but my darling hubby accidentally shot my dad twice in the neck - ouch! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Bridal Luncheon

Friday we headed up to Marietta bright & early to go to the Bridal Luncheon.  We met at Courtney's parents' at 11 and then headed up towards Dallas to Courtney's Aunt & Uncle's house.  

We had lots of yummy food - Emma's favorite were sugar cookies in the shape of wedding cakes with either Sprinkles or "H" on them (for Hughes - Courtney's new last name).  

Emma made herself right at home.  She liked this little porch off the main floor. 

All the bridesmaids (& the 2 flower girls) with the bags Courtney's mom made for them. 

On the back deck...Emma didn't like this because the sun was in her eyes. 

After the fun lunch, we headed over to Roswell to go to a Spa & Nail Salon for a mani and pedi.  

This was Emma's first time to get her nails painted professionally & she did great!!! The owner of the spa helped her pick out her nail polish (purple for her fingers, pink for her toes), carried her around, & asked her all sorts of questions when she was painting her nails.  Emma loved her - she was so sweet! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Party Like a Princess!

Emma had a wonderful 3rd birthday party (I apologize in advance for all the pictures - in hindsight, I probably should have broken it up in two posts). Our theme this year was a Princess Party, since that's what Emma is really into right now.  I didn't want to do a Disney Princess party, but instead did girlie & dress up type princesses :) 

I only decorated a little for the party, mainly just the dining room. (In full disclosure, the pink, teal, & white flowers are still on my table & the lanterns are still in that corner - we've been a little busy around here!) 

Since we were doing pink & dress up, I decorated with a pink feather boa. Pink cupcakes were made by my cousin Kristin's best friend, Kelly. They were beautiful & delicious!! 

As the kiddos came in, I directed them to the "dress up" area.  There were tiaras for the girls, knight helmets for the boys, lots & lots of beads, rings, sunglasses, & princess wands. 

My mom sat on our porch swing, waiting for the first guests to arrive. 

The Princess & her Knight in shining armor. 

Julie playing with the Barbie Car. 

Thompson playing in the kitchen.

Emma & Maddy all decked out :) 

Baby girl is now 3!!!! 

Nene & Cory

The boys on the Gann side of the family. Lately they don't all get to show up at the same time (because of work schedules, paintball, etc), so they took a picture :) 

This little girl decided she was ready to open her presents! 

Sweet brothers looking outside

Emma all decked out in her new Cinderella dress & feather boa! 

Princesses Papa & Emma

My little princess!! 

What's not pictured is we had Hamburgers & Hotdogs for lunch.  Dessert was cupcakes & David made homemade chocolate ice cream.  Needless to say we had plenty of food (and a lot leftover!) Emma had a great party & we were so thankful so many were able to make the trip down to Covington to join us in celebrating!