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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Reception

Last, but not least, was the Reception.

But first, being a flower girl is a tough job!  Emma fell asleep from the church to the hotel. Poor girl.

Bride & Groom's first dance. Didn't Courtney have a beautiful dress?

Groom's dance with my mom. 

When Mom went up to dance with Cory, Emma (who had been in David's mom, Grandma's lap) hopped down & ran around the table to her Papa & asked him to dance with her. It melted his heart & as soon as Mom & Cory were done he took her out on the dance floor. 

They were so sweet & of course everyone loved it.  The photographer had a field day & took lot of pics of Emma's bare feet! 

When Emma & Papa were done, Maddy & her Daddy Clint went out on the dancefloor. 

Emma joined Maddy & they twirled around. 

The other little kids joined in too - Dylan was there & you can see the ring bearer & his little sister in the background.  My cousin Katy went out & danced with them too. 

Dylan & his daddy

The yummy cake!

Dancing queen!

Dancing with the grown ups

Atchie & her daddy

I love this one of Dad & Emma's profiles

I was starting to feel sorry for my dad & his bad back (remember he & David played paintball the day before), so I suggested David dance with Emma for awhile to give him a break.  Little girl was none too happy - I think she thought her daddy was going to make her stop! 

Once she figured out he wasn't making her stop, she was fine again :) 

A little later, we left & somebody fell asleep pretty much right away (glad we got her changed into PJs before we left the hotel!)  When I asked Emma was her favorite part of the wedding was, she told me the dancing.  Not surprising, I think she danced more than anyone else at the wedding, she never stopped!

She is now calling the reception "The Music" which is so cute & makes me laugh.  She had a great experience as a flower girl - I was so proud of her!!

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