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Busy mommy & wife! David & I have been married 6 1/2 years. Our daughter Emma is 4 and our son Henry just turned 1. We feel so blessed to be a family of four!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bath Time!

Henry had his first bathtub bath at Nanny & Papa's house!

Ok, so he didn't like it too much at first...

But once he was dry & warm, he was happy!

Big girl in the bath too!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet Sister & Brother time

Emma has been a good helper with Henry & loves to help feed him, hold him, & kiss him.

She also likes to play with his toys! 

Feeding Brother his bottle

Emma & Henry

My sweet babies!

I am so blessed!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Time!

We are enjoying being a family of 4! Adjustment hasn't always been easy, but at least we're having fun, right?

Daddy with his kiddos. Not quite sure what they were talking about, but thought they were cute :) 

Henry boy chilling in the bouncy seat

Emma & Mommy made cookies one day during Henry's nap

My two boys catching some much needed zzzs! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Visitors at home!

We've had quite a few visitors, unfortunately I've forgotten to take pictures of everyone, but here are a few of our visitors! 
Leah & her sweet sister Sarah came over



Our sweet co-worker Jennifer

Great Scott

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Sister & Deer

In the first weeks home, Emma had a bit of adjustment.  The good news was, she did at least like her baby brother...most of the time! 

She LOVES to hold him!

We saw two deer in our backyard one morning.  When they started at the garden, I had to scare them away! They haven't been back since. 

Emma likes to put on outfits.  I always tell her how pretty she looks & she asks me to take her picture because she looks SO pretty!! :) 

Big girl coloring in her new Disney World coloring book from Elizabeth

Mother's Day Weekend 2011

Since Henry was only a week old, we decided to stay home for Mother's Day, but ventured to the grandparents' on Saturday instead.  

First we went to Nanny & Papa's house.  Papa was working, but we got to visit & have lunch with Nanny & Nene. 

Nene loving on Henry

Nanny & her grandbabies

Then we headed up to Ball Ground for David's family to meet Henry (they were sick when Henry was born). 
Henry meets Aunt Sharon

Resting with Grandpa

Meeting Grandma

Grandma watched the kids for us while David took me out to dinner for Mother's Day.  On the way home, we dropped back by Marietta for baths & to see Papa.

Papa & his grandbabies

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Henry's First Days at Home!

We were able to go home on Sunday May 1. Atchie, Mom, Dad, Emma, & Nene met us at home.  Atchie bought us Subway for dinner (yum!!)

All snuggled up in his bouncy seat!

His big sister thought he needed a toy, so helped him out.

We were definitely a little busy the first few days.  One afternoon, I found both kids asleep at the same time! Here's Big Sister...

And Baby Brother

Emma was a sweet big sister, just was going through some adjustment.  Here she is feeding her Baby Stella a bottle...

While I was feeding Henry his bottle.

Henry's doctor recommended a little time in the sunlight, so we did a little "sun-bathing"

Poor Henry, it was Daddy's idea...

Henry had his first "bath" at home

And was all sweet & snuggly afterwards!

All in all, I think his big sister really likes him!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At the Hospital

So things have been very busy around here with two little cuties, but thought I should try to catch up on some pictures.

Meeting Mommy. Please ignore how I look....

Here's Daddy with Henry. Poor Daddy looks rather tired!

Meeting Nanny

Meeting Papa

Meeting Atchie

Meeting Kristin & Aunt Barbara

Emma talked her papa into painting her fingernails & toenails. Here they are drying. 

Meeting Valerie

Meeting Jamie

Meeting Aunt Courtney & Uncle Cory

Henry dressed all cute! :) 

Daddy & Henry are ready to go home....We had to wait around awhile for everything to be done & for us to get our discharge papers. 

And now we're finally ready to go home!

Henry was born early Saturday morning, which was nice because we were able to have lots of visitors on Saturday afternoon.  We were able to go home on Sunday - and boy, were we happy to go home!