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Busy mommy & wife! David & I have been married 6 1/2 years. Our daughter Emma is 4 and our son Henry just turned 1. We feel so blessed to be a family of four!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend & Week to Come

David left us on our own Thursday after dinner, to go up to his parents & leave for Carthage, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas for the weekend.  He & his dad went up to visit with his grandpa. They drove up Friday, stayed Saturday, and then came home Sunday.  David got home just before 8 last night - long weekend for him!

David's trip meant Emma & I were on our own this weekend! We did pretty good on Friday & then Saturday morning, we headed to my parents.  My mom had a shower on Saturday for my cousin David's fiancee Allie.  They are getting married in April.  We enjoyed the shower & spending time with Nanny, Papa, Nene, & Atchie. We spent the night with my parents & went to church with them on Sunday & then out to lunch.  Afterwards, we got packed up & came home.  Emma & I rested, unpacked, did laundry, & watched Netflix Sunday afternoon and evening. We were both very glad to see David when he got home.

Of course, the kiddo didn't sleep well the whole time David was gone, but last night she slept the whole night. Also, Emma reverted back to temper tantrums - not sure if it was because David was gone or if she was just tired.  I thought she might be getting sick & she still could, but so far so good.  Poor Mommy is getting too pregnant & tired, I was definitely dragging tail today at work. I could have definitely used another day to my weekend.  I'm going to try to behave myself this week & not do too much around the house, along with propping my feet up whenever I can.  I started swelling over the weekend, I'm hoping it's weather-related & not a sign of things to come (like it was with Emma).

Tomorrow morning, I have my 3 hour blood-glucouse test (I unfortunately failed the 1 hour) and then Wednesday morning I go for my regular appointment.  Please pray both appointments go well & that I don't have gestational diabetes.  I would rather not end up on bed rest already too, if possible. I will try to post how they both go - I'm hoping they'll have my 3 hour test results before my Wednesday appointment.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Busy Busy!

So we had a busy weekend! We went up to Marietta Saturday morning & enjoyed hanging out with Nanny for lunch & quick shopping.  Then Emma stayed with Nanny & Papa while David & I went on our Valentine's date! We went to Longhorn & had yummy steak. Sadly, the last time I think we had a "date" was before Christmas for our work Christmas dinner.... which seeing how we were with our co-workers, totally doesn't count. Needless to say, our date was LONG overdue.

We spent Saturday night with my parents & then went to Noonday Sunday morning & got to go to our Small Group.  Sunday afternoon, there was a shower for Cory & Courtney's upcoming wedding, so we stayed & headed home after the shower. It was a very nice party, the food was delicious, we enjoyed seeing lots of church family, & the bride & groom got some nice things too! :)

Unfortunately, Emma has a bit of an ear infection (thankfully it's getting better). I woke up Saturday morning with a sore throat & itchy eyes.  Needless to say, I have a full fledged cold now, I'm just hoping it doesn't turn into an ear or sinus infection.  I feel pretty good throughout the day, but mornings & evenings are bad. I just realized I'm out of benedryl - looks like I'll have to pick more up tomorrow.

So I was going to upload a few pictures of Emma eating a cupcake....but apparently I've reached my storage limit for this site! Whoops - that was quick!  At any rate, I'm going to have to remember how to link to my Shutterfly... until then, I apologize for the shortage of pictures. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trying on Dresses!

It's no secret that Emma is a girlie girl.  She loves dresses, playing dress-up, shoes, & lots of accessories.  

Cory & Courtney's wedding is quickly approaching, so I tried the flower girl dress on Emma to see if it needed altering.  She loved it :) 

Sorry about the crazy wispy hair. I believe for the wedding she'll be wearing it down & have on a halo of flowers, if I remember correctly. Emma's dress is ivory and the bow is the same color the bridesmaids are wearing.

In order to get her out of that dress, I let her try on her Easter dress.  It was handmade by a lady at church and is soooo beautiful! It may be a little hard to tell from the pictures, but it's light blue.

She wouldn't sit still for a nice picture...

But seriously, a beautiful dress!!! I'm getting her 3 year pictures made in it too.


Emma loves the blue dress too & didn't want to take it off.  I was worried she'd mess it up & tried to explain it isn't a play dress... We ended up bribing her with wearing another dress in order to get the blue dress off.  Ahhh, the joys of a girlie girl - but you know I love it!!! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your sweetheart treats you well today & that you get to spend some time with those you love the most!

Last weekend, we prepared for Valentine's Day by making cupcakes! Emma helped by putting the cupcake liners in the muffin pan. 

Happy helper!

She enjoyed helping me stir. Here she is stirring in the sprinkles, since we made Funfetti cupcakes!

Once they were done baking (& cooling), I iced while Emma sprinkled them! She looks so big in the pony tail :(

And the best part about making cupcakes.... IS EATING THEM!

I think she liked them!

After we finished our snack, Emma was playing & I was doing something (can't remember!), when all of a sudden she disappeared. Next thing I knew, she stole a cupcake off the counter, peeled off the wrapper, & was eating the icing off the top of it!  Sneaky kid!! 

We had a great Valentine's Day - yesterday David made us filet mignon, baked potatoes, & homemade vanilla ice cream!  Today, we went out to lunch for BBQ & then had hamburgers on the grill & homemade french fries for dinner.  Emma got a special Valentine's present this morning - the Up Dvd, a Minnie & Mickey Valentine's Book with stickers, & heart bracelets. We love our little Valentine & are excited about having 2 little Valentine's next year! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nanny's Girl

On Saturday, we headed up to Marietta & got to see Nanny & Atchie.  Emma had some reading time with Nanny before we headed off for the day.  

She's definitely a Nanny's girl.  Emma got the new pink bunny from Nanny for Valentine's - she's calling her "Big Bunny" because of her long legs.

We had a fun day going to the Kell Craftshow, checking out Kohl's & Target, and then heading over to Party City!

We've been having a pretty hectic week. A little girl woke up Monday morning with Pink Eye, so she & I headed to the doctor & stayed at home for the day. She is MUCH better, actually was tons better that night, thankfully her drops worked quickly.  Since she was no longer contagious after 24 hours, she's been at school the past 2 days & was happy to be back! I was busy on Monday cleaning & washing sheets, etc.  Emma didn't sleep good Sunday or Monday night, she's had a cold. We are so thankful she slept last night & are praying she will sleep again tonight! Mommy needs rest too! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thompson's 3rd Birthday!

Last night, we enjoyed celebrating Thompson's 3rd birthday with a party at the Tumble Bus Station. Emma loved running around, climbing, & jumping! 

She was good at the balance beam too!

Here's William playing the game with the parachute.

Little Monkey is climbing the monkey bars!

Thompson and William having fun on the little cars.

Big 3 year old Thompson!

Emma playing on the cars too.

Emma trying the potato sack race... She didn't get it!

We had a great time playing, eating pizza & cake, & visiting with Uncle Brent, Aunt Leslie, William, Thompson, & Lorelei, along with Grandma, Grandpa, & Aunt Susan.

Happy birthday sweet Thompson!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Debbie's

Ok, so growing up, we always got Little Debbie cakes for the different seasons... Christmas Tree, Heart, etc.  I was at Walmart this weekend & just had to buy the Little Debbie's Pink Hearts for me & Emma. She'd never had Little Debbie's before! :) 

I think she liked them. Notice the Tutu. She wore it almost all day Sunday.


In other news, I worked on emptying out the baby's room on Sunday & made good progress!  We have a few more boxes to move out, along with some excess furniture (dry sink & bench), and then it will only be baby stuff! That means David can start painting VERY soon! I've washed some of the linens for him, along with the gender neutral clothes that we do have. I cleaned out his dresser & everything that is washed is put away. I still need to go through some more baby boxes in the attic, but we are getting so close. And once it's painted, I will wash his crib bedding & he will be pretty much done!!! I may buy a shelf & a few decorative things, along with curtains. But seriously, it's coming along & I'm very happy!