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Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend & Week to Come

David left us on our own Thursday after dinner, to go up to his parents & leave for Carthage, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas for the weekend.  He & his dad went up to visit with his grandpa. They drove up Friday, stayed Saturday, and then came home Sunday.  David got home just before 8 last night - long weekend for him!

David's trip meant Emma & I were on our own this weekend! We did pretty good on Friday & then Saturday morning, we headed to my parents.  My mom had a shower on Saturday for my cousin David's fiancee Allie.  They are getting married in April.  We enjoyed the shower & spending time with Nanny, Papa, Nene, & Atchie. We spent the night with my parents & went to church with them on Sunday & then out to lunch.  Afterwards, we got packed up & came home.  Emma & I rested, unpacked, did laundry, & watched Netflix Sunday afternoon and evening. We were both very glad to see David when he got home.

Of course, the kiddo didn't sleep well the whole time David was gone, but last night she slept the whole night. Also, Emma reverted back to temper tantrums - not sure if it was because David was gone or if she was just tired.  I thought she might be getting sick & she still could, but so far so good.  Poor Mommy is getting too pregnant & tired, I was definitely dragging tail today at work. I could have definitely used another day to my weekend.  I'm going to try to behave myself this week & not do too much around the house, along with propping my feet up whenever I can.  I started swelling over the weekend, I'm hoping it's weather-related & not a sign of things to come (like it was with Emma).

Tomorrow morning, I have my 3 hour blood-glucouse test (I unfortunately failed the 1 hour) and then Wednesday morning I go for my regular appointment.  Please pray both appointments go well & that I don't have gestational diabetes.  I would rather not end up on bed rest already too, if possible. I will try to post how they both go - I'm hoping they'll have my 3 hour test results before my Wednesday appointment.

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