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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nanny's Girl

On Saturday, we headed up to Marietta & got to see Nanny & Atchie.  Emma had some reading time with Nanny before we headed off for the day.  

She's definitely a Nanny's girl.  Emma got the new pink bunny from Nanny for Valentine's - she's calling her "Big Bunny" because of her long legs.

We had a fun day going to the Kell Craftshow, checking out Kohl's & Target, and then heading over to Party City!

We've been having a pretty hectic week. A little girl woke up Monday morning with Pink Eye, so she & I headed to the doctor & stayed at home for the day. She is MUCH better, actually was tons better that night, thankfully her drops worked quickly.  Since she was no longer contagious after 24 hours, she's been at school the past 2 days & was happy to be back! I was busy on Monday cleaning & washing sheets, etc.  Emma didn't sleep good Sunday or Monday night, she's had a cold. We are so thankful she slept last night & are praying she will sleep again tonight! Mommy needs rest too! 

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