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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Water Table & 1st Birthday Day

The Sunday after Henry's party, we rested & played.  Henry got a water table from Grandma & Grandpa, so we had to check it out.  

The kids played with it for an hour easily & had so much fun.  Only a little trouble with big sister pouring water on Henry's head.  Poor little kid is so tough.  

Monday (April 30) was Henry's actual birthday, so we sent cupcakes to school.  After work/school, we played (oh my kids are crazy).

And then had one last cupcake to celebrate! 

Henry had a great birthday weekend!  Hard to believe little man is now 1! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Henry's First Birthday!

My baby turned 1 year old - not sure how that happened!  It has FLOWN by!  

In the weeks before his party, I had a hard time deciding on a theme, but had a few things I wanted to use - Oh Henry candy bars & the Henry cartoon character.  I ordered a case of candy bars from Amazon & a few Henry comic books from eBay & then decided I'd go with Red & Yellow too.  I think it worked.  

I was going to go with generic invitations, but didn't like anything.  So I bought a pack of yellow cards & a pack of red cards at Target, found the H's, & then used a stamp inside for the party info.  I think they turned out pretty cute & matched my colors. 

My sweet parents let us have the party at their house this year - Emma's party at our house pretty much wore me out!  Plus, it was a lot more convenient for our party guests, so that worked well too!  We headed up to Marietta the morning of the party, started setting up, & then took a break for lunch at the Rib Ranch.  Henry had his first taste of lemon, and liked it :) 

Henry & Em tried out his bday present from Nanny & Papa - a kid sized table. 

Here's the dessert table - we had lots of cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzel sticks, & Oh Henry bars :) 

One of the Henry comics & party favors for the kids. 

Another comic & some Henry pics.

I just love these toy Radio Flyers my parents' neighbors gave them.  They were the perfect centerpiece. 

Pictures from Henry's first year.

Henry's new chair from Mommy & Daddy - ready for him to sit in to open presents :) 

The banner I made - it totally worked out that my parents' last name starts with H & my mom decorates her mantle with them! 

Our little family before the party.

My cutie manning the grill :) 

The kiddos checking out the pond & geese. 

Henry playing peek-a-boo with Papa. 

The birthday boy with my Uncle Scott & Aunt Nancy (my dad's brother & sister).  My Uncle likes my kids to call him "Great" Scott, since he's their great uncle.  He is so funny & clever :) 

Little man ate his very first hot dog & he ate the WHOLE thing.  And lots of fruit, gold fish, cheese, etc.  The kid can EAT. 

Cupcake time!

And my baby ate his WHOLE cupcake.  Every bite.  You'd think we were starving him.  He was so funny. 

After cake, he got a quick bath & we opened presents, hugged necks, & started packing up to go home.  Henry had too much fun & couldn't wait until the car to go night-night.  He passed out on my parents' bed until it was time to drive home. 

He had a great first birthday party, we really had so much fun!  I appreciated my parents' help so much, along with hosting us at their house!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Easter Weekend!

We had a very blessed Easter weekend this year!  We had Good Friday off work, so Thursday night we kicked it off with Fox Bros BBQ and a trip to the Drive In to see the new Snow White movie. 

Henry liked driving the car 

We colored Easter eggs on Friday - Henry was more of an observer this year :) 

Emma loved coloring eggs & drawing on them with white crayon!

We did a lot of playing over the weekend - Emma put fairy wings on her poor brother, but he didn't seem to mind.

On Sunday morning, the Easter bunny came!

Henry-doodle wasn't sure what to make of his tunnel.

Emma saw this Rapunzel doll at Disney on Ice, but decided too late she wanted it (after she already got something else).  The Easter bunny remembered & brought it for her :) 

Cool shades, man!

We went to church at Eastridge, and then headed up to Marietta to spend the day with my family.  First we took some dressy pictures in my parents' yard.

My girl

My boys

We then went to my Aunt & Uncle's for lunch & an egg hunt.  Henry was perfectly happy with one egg.

While Emma took the hunt very seriously this year and would hardly slow down for a picture! 

We had to pack it up & head home - it's hard to have to go back to work the day after such a busy, sweet weekend! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Disney on Ice

Mom, Emma, & I went to Disney on Ice this year with my Aunt Barbara, Cousin Kristin, & Kristin's daughter Maddy.  

Emma wanted to have curly hair, so we did rollers :) 

All dolled up & ready to go - Princess Snow White!

Emma & Mommy

My mom with Emma & Maddy

Me, Mom, & Em

Emma & Maddy

The girls with my Aunt Barbara

Emma had such a GREAT time.  She is constantly asking to go back - we will have to plan to go again next time the Princesses are in town! :)