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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jamie's Wedding

My sweet friend Jamie got married over Memorial Day weekend & she asked Emma to be her flower girl.  Of course, we were both honored & wouldn't miss it!

On the Friday of wedding weekend, we loaded up the car & headed up to Roswell for the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner.  The wedding was at a neat Catholic Church in Roswell & then we had dinner at the Diner at North Point which was delicious! (It's near my mom's work & she goes all the time, so I knew it wouldn't disappoint!)

Then we spent the night at my parents' in Marietta & got up Saturday morning & worked curling somebody's hair.

This little monkey enjoyed his Saturday playing with his Nanny, Papa, & Atchie!  You can kind of see in this picture where he busted his upper lip at school on Friday.  They actually called me about it, so you know it was bad :( Poor kid, he's a trooper. 

My babies playing.  I love them.

Emma & I then headed to Jamie's parents' for lunch & to "help" Jamie get dressed - she was a beautiful bride! 

Here are the bridesmaids' flowers - they were beautiful too! 

And then, my camera died! :( 

I borrowed one of my parents' cameras that night, so did get some at the wedding & reception.  Will post them soon (they're on David's laptop & I need to figure out how to move them to mine/he needs to do it for me).  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tea Party!

Emma set up a Tea Party in her room with plates & cups, chairs (her PB everywhere chair & bathroom stool), a basket for a table, "play" food, & her Barbie friend.  Pretty resourceful, I think :) 

I offered to bring Henry in for a real guest, she went for it.  Unfortunately, he's a little busy & went after the plates.

So she took them off the table & hid them from him! LOL

She's showing the cookie pan from one of her mini Lalaloopsie dolls.

He's happy to be at the girl party..... in the pink room, in the pink Emma chair, on the pink rug. 

He doesn't care, he's just glad she's being nice to him! :) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Emma had her very first Ballet Recital towards the end of May.  She's been taking dance on the Square this year & loves her teacher Ms Jill.   

This year, the Creative Movement class (i.e., the babies - they are the youngest class) did 1 song - "Baby Face".  They also sang (yelled) all the words as they danced.  Of course they were precious!! 

Her class is all lined up & Ms Jill is wearing the sparkly dress! Emma is second from the right, she's on the back row & looking at Ms Jill.

This was after the dress rehearsal.  I think maybe she was practicing some moves?

My beautiful ballerina! 

Sadly, the day of the recital, my camera died, so all the pictures were from the rehearsal.  I took some with my iPhone & my parents used their camera too, I just haven't loaded them to my computer yet.  At any rate, the girls were all very cute & did a good job.  I really enjoyed watching the "bigger" girls & seeing how much Emma will improve in the next few years.  So far, she wants to do dance again next year, so we'll start back in August.  This year she'll get to do both Ballet & Tap - needless to say, that's pretty exciting! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Playing at the Park

One weekend we spent at home this spring, we headed to Factory Shoals Park.  It has a nice big field & a little playground, where we let the kids (i.e., Emma) run around.

Henry was pretty much like this the whole time - clingy.  He didn't want to try the slides, he didn't want to walk/crawl around. He wanted to hold on.

This girl was all about it.  She rode the slides....

She went across the shaky bridge...

She climbed....

And she even tried the monkey bars! (with Daddy's help, of course!) 

Big girls like playgrounds!

And little boys like to watch their big sister play.  One day soon, he'll play too, but today, I'll just snuggle my clingy baby!