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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Emma had her very first Ballet Recital towards the end of May.  She's been taking dance on the Square this year & loves her teacher Ms Jill.   

This year, the Creative Movement class (i.e., the babies - they are the youngest class) did 1 song - "Baby Face".  They also sang (yelled) all the words as they danced.  Of course they were precious!! 

Her class is all lined up & Ms Jill is wearing the sparkly dress! Emma is second from the right, she's on the back row & looking at Ms Jill.

This was after the dress rehearsal.  I think maybe she was practicing some moves?

My beautiful ballerina! 

Sadly, the day of the recital, my camera died, so all the pictures were from the rehearsal.  I took some with my iPhone & my parents used their camera too, I just haven't loaded them to my computer yet.  At any rate, the girls were all very cute & did a good job.  I really enjoyed watching the "bigger" girls & seeing how much Emma will improve in the next few years.  So far, she wants to do dance again next year, so we'll start back in August.  This year she'll get to do both Ballet & Tap - needless to say, that's pretty exciting! 

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