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Monday, May 21, 2012

Visit to Missouri!

We visited David's grandparents this winter in Missouri!  It's a pretty long drive, but Grandma & Grandpa came too, so they were able to help entertain.  Both kiddos were seriously awesome in the car, especially with how long we drove!  I got stir-crazy! 

While we were visiting, David's cousins & Uncle & Aunt came to see us.  Emma instantly bonded with his cousin Olivia.  Olivia was so sweet with Emma, reading books, playing, watching TV together.  They were precious! 

Emma adored both her Great Grandparents.  She keeps asking to go back & see Great Grandma & Great Grandpa.  I think the feeling was mutual! 

Henry had a great time meeting them also!  It was very special for Henry to meet Great Grandpa - Henry is named after him - his middle name is Eugene, just like Grandpa's.  

The boys were fast friends.  

It was such a special trip, I'm so glad we got to go.  We're hoping to visit again later this summer!

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