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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Emma's 4th Birthday!

So I had this bright idea that Emma needed an Art Birthday Party this year.  I kind of over-did it, but it was really nice & turned out really good.  It just took lots of preparation & then I was pretty much dead when it was over! Ha! Next year, we'll have it somewhere other than my house! LOL

So first, there was the candy bar on the buffet in my dining room.  I made the garland up above.

My precious friend Valerie made the Happy Birthday Banner - it was so cute (hi buzz!) 

Valerie also designed the invitations & the sign for the front door & this one to the garage (i.e., art studio!)

We borrowed folding tables & chairs from my parents & set everything up in the garage, which was perfect!

We had 3 art projects - first was painting a canvas!

Then we made necklaces & bracelets with beads! 

And finally, we decorated picture frames!  I mailed a picture of each child in their thank you notes, for their picture frame. 

I tried to stick with a rainbow theme as best I could - you can see the fruit.  To the right is layered jello.

You can see the jello a little better in this pic.  I did all the colors of the rainbow over a few days.  It turned out really cute & was a big hit! 

Dessert/snack table.  We also served Papa Johns. 

My big girl with her cake :) 

And the rainbow cake!  This really turned out good & tasted good too.  Great Pinterest find :) 

My sweet friend Elizabeth from work volunteered to paint the kids' faces - totally a hit!

Proof Henry was there too - he had a lot of fun playing, he ended up getting worn out & taking a nap! 

Opening presents :) 

Mommy & Emma :) 

She had a GREAT birthday party!  We are so thankful so many of our family & friends could join us! I can't believe my baby is 4! 

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