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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

My sweet girl woke up EARLY Christmas morning..... she was SO excited about Santa coming!  Worked out ok though, we needed to get a move on so we could make it to Marietta in time for lunch!

Emma girl got a bike, lots of Barbies, clothes, art stuff, books, etc from Santa.  She was pretty thrilled! 

Henry got a red wagon, little people, blocks, cars, books, clothes, etc from Santa. He was a little overwhelmed :) 

We had a yummy breakfast made by daddy! Henry had fun hanging out in his high chair & eating some biscuit! 

My pretty girl (pretend like you don't see what a wreck my house was in the background - we were packing up for Marietta!) 

We went to visit my family & have Christmas with them at my parents.  Here's my brother Cory & my sister-in-law Courtney.

Emma & her Mermaid thing.  And pearls, of course.

Henry & Papa

Then we went to my Aunt & Uncle's to have Christmas with my mom's family.  Below is my cousin's daughter, sweet Maddy.  

Emma & Maddy had the best time playing.

Henry & Aunt Barbara

We had the best, most blessed Christmas!  

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