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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your sweetheart treats you well today & that you get to spend some time with those you love the most!

Last weekend, we prepared for Valentine's Day by making cupcakes! Emma helped by putting the cupcake liners in the muffin pan. 

Happy helper!

She enjoyed helping me stir. Here she is stirring in the sprinkles, since we made Funfetti cupcakes!

Once they were done baking (& cooling), I iced while Emma sprinkled them! She looks so big in the pony tail :(

And the best part about making cupcakes.... IS EATING THEM!

I think she liked them!

After we finished our snack, Emma was playing & I was doing something (can't remember!), when all of a sudden she disappeared. Next thing I knew, she stole a cupcake off the counter, peeled off the wrapper, & was eating the icing off the top of it!  Sneaky kid!! 

We had a great Valentine's Day - yesterday David made us filet mignon, baked potatoes, & homemade vanilla ice cream!  Today, we went out to lunch for BBQ & then had hamburgers on the grill & homemade french fries for dinner.  Emma got a special Valentine's present this morning - the Up Dvd, a Minnie & Mickey Valentine's Book with stickers, & heart bracelets. We love our little Valentine & are excited about having 2 little Valentine's next year! 

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