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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Debbie's

Ok, so growing up, we always got Little Debbie cakes for the different seasons... Christmas Tree, Heart, etc.  I was at Walmart this weekend & just had to buy the Little Debbie's Pink Hearts for me & Emma. She'd never had Little Debbie's before! :) 

I think she liked them. Notice the Tutu. She wore it almost all day Sunday.


In other news, I worked on emptying out the baby's room on Sunday & made good progress!  We have a few more boxes to move out, along with some excess furniture (dry sink & bench), and then it will only be baby stuff! That means David can start painting VERY soon! I've washed some of the linens for him, along with the gender neutral clothes that we do have. I cleaned out his dresser & everything that is washed is put away. I still need to go through some more baby boxes in the attic, but we are getting so close. And once it's painted, I will wash his crib bedding & he will be pretty much done!!! I may buy a shelf & a few decorative things, along with curtains. But seriously, it's coming along & I'm very happy! 

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