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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Henry's First Days at Home!

We were able to go home on Sunday May 1. Atchie, Mom, Dad, Emma, & Nene met us at home.  Atchie bought us Subway for dinner (yum!!)

All snuggled up in his bouncy seat!

His big sister thought he needed a toy, so helped him out.

We were definitely a little busy the first few days.  One afternoon, I found both kids asleep at the same time! Here's Big Sister...

And Baby Brother

Emma was a sweet big sister, just was going through some adjustment.  Here she is feeding her Baby Stella a bottle...

While I was feeding Henry his bottle.

Henry's doctor recommended a little time in the sunlight, so we did a little "sun-bathing"

Poor Henry, it was Daddy's idea...

Henry had his first "bath" at home

And was all sweet & snuggly afterwards!

All in all, I think his big sister really likes him!

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