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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At the Hospital

So things have been very busy around here with two little cuties, but thought I should try to catch up on some pictures.

Meeting Mommy. Please ignore how I look....

Here's Daddy with Henry. Poor Daddy looks rather tired!

Meeting Nanny

Meeting Papa

Meeting Atchie

Meeting Kristin & Aunt Barbara

Emma talked her papa into painting her fingernails & toenails. Here they are drying. 

Meeting Valerie

Meeting Jamie

Meeting Aunt Courtney & Uncle Cory

Henry dressed all cute! :) 

Daddy & Henry are ready to go home....We had to wait around awhile for everything to be done & for us to get our discharge papers. 

And now we're finally ready to go home!

Henry was born early Saturday morning, which was nice because we were able to have lots of visitors on Saturday afternoon.  We were able to go home on Sunday - and boy, were we happy to go home! 

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