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Monday, March 21, 2011

Party Like a Princess!

Emma had a wonderful 3rd birthday party (I apologize in advance for all the pictures - in hindsight, I probably should have broken it up in two posts). Our theme this year was a Princess Party, since that's what Emma is really into right now.  I didn't want to do a Disney Princess party, but instead did girlie & dress up type princesses :) 

I only decorated a little for the party, mainly just the dining room. (In full disclosure, the pink, teal, & white flowers are still on my table & the lanterns are still in that corner - we've been a little busy around here!) 

Since we were doing pink & dress up, I decorated with a pink feather boa. Pink cupcakes were made by my cousin Kristin's best friend, Kelly. They were beautiful & delicious!! 

As the kiddos came in, I directed them to the "dress up" area.  There were tiaras for the girls, knight helmets for the boys, lots & lots of beads, rings, sunglasses, & princess wands. 

My mom sat on our porch swing, waiting for the first guests to arrive. 

The Princess & her Knight in shining armor. 

Julie playing with the Barbie Car. 

Thompson playing in the kitchen.

Emma & Maddy all decked out :) 

Baby girl is now 3!!!! 

Nene & Cory

The boys on the Gann side of the family. Lately they don't all get to show up at the same time (because of work schedules, paintball, etc), so they took a picture :) 

This little girl decided she was ready to open her presents! 

Sweet brothers looking outside

Emma all decked out in her new Cinderella dress & feather boa! 

Princesses Papa & Emma

My little princess!! 

What's not pictured is we had Hamburgers & Hotdogs for lunch.  Dessert was cupcakes & David made homemade chocolate ice cream.  Needless to say we had plenty of food (and a lot leftover!) Emma had a great party & we were so thankful so many were able to make the trip down to Covington to join us in celebrating!

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