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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wedding

We had to have Emma at the church by 2, so Saturday morning we rushed around picking up the Groom's cake, dropping it off at the hotel, & eating a quick lunch of leftover BBQ before it was time to get ready.  Mom worked on Emma's hair & then we all got dressed & headed to the church! 

Emma got her dress on at the church & felt like she was one of the big girls! 

With her flower halo... 

So pretty! 

The bridesmaids & flower girls with the beautiful bride! 

Courtney was tired, so she sat on the floor. The photographer loved it, so she got a few more pictures. 

This picture of Courtney is just too cute - can you tell she's tired, hot, & her feet hurt? 

My handsome brother took some pictures with Emma before the wedding. 

And then I proceeded to fall on my butt into a flower bed.  Of course I scared myself, but thankfully didn't hurt anything, just scraped the back of my heel.  At that point, I was told to sit & drink water. That was pretty much how I spent the ceremony & reception since I was sore all over after my fall.  Oh well - I was just thankful I didn't end up down at the hospital! 

The groomsmen & groom taking some more pictures...

So I don't have any pictures of the ceremony, but stay tuned for the final installment of the wedding weekend - the Reception!  One quick note - the ceremony went great & was very nice!  Emma walked down the aisle with the other flower girl & did great, but neither one tossed any flower petals - oh well!  Emma stood up in front of the church the whole time, wiggling just a little & not saying a word. Honestly, for 3 years old, she couldn't have done any better!  Once Cory & Courtney left, she walked back down the aisle with the other flower girl & the ring bearer.  She did AWESOME! Mommy was proud :)

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