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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friday - Part 2

On our ride home from the aquarium, Emma quickly fell asleep in the car.  We were trying to decide where to stop for lunch and decided to wait until we got back to Covington to stop.  I picked Longhorn because before she fell asleep she said she wanted I wanted a place where we could sit down & get a good lunch.  Emma woke up as soon as we stopped, said that she did want to eat some lunch, & was good as gold in the restaurant.

After lunch, we headed home & I promised Emma she could open her birthday present from Mom & Dad (our day at the aquarium & her big birthday party on Saturday were her other gifts!) First, we took a few posed pictures....

(Yes, she's winking in my picture....I think I need to fire my photographer! Just kidding!!!) 

Then Emma got to open and play with her new Lalaloopsie doll named Jewel Sparkles - she's a princess with a tiara! 

Emma decided she was good to dance with, so she insisted I help her put on my old ballet tutu from the first year I took ballet (I was 4-5).  

I believe she likes both my tutu and her new doll.  It always makes you feel good when she decides she has to sleep with her new present :) 

We picked up, cleaned a little, went to the grocery store, finished decorating, & worked on Henry's room the rest of the day getting ready for the big 3rd birthday party on Saturday! 

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