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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Georgia Aquarium

To celebrate Emma's 3rd birthday, David & I took off work the Friday before her birthday & the three of us headed down to the Georgia Aquarium to check out the fish! 

Emma loved checking out all the fish swimming around. 

Daddy & Emma taking a little break....I think they're pretty cute! 

Several tanks had a little tunnel where you could climb through & look at the fish in the tunnel.  This one Emma did all by herself - she was feeling pretty brave!

This is the best picture of Emma & me together... 

She was kind of Daddy's girl because I couldn't pick her up for very long.... she's gotten too big, and so have I!!! 

Playing on a mermaid. 

We told Emma we could go back to see a couple fish again if she wanted.... and twice Emma insisted her daddy take her to see the Sting Rays. The Sting Rays were by far her favorite thing at the aquarium.  They were in a touch tank & were constantly surrounded by kids wanting to touch them.  Emma had no desire to touch them (if you got her too close, she clung onto you like a monkey), but she wanted to be near them all the time & watch them.  I think it also made her a little nervous that the other kids were touching them because she said she wanted to tell those kids not to touch!  What can I say, she gets her healthy fear of animals honestly :) 

We had a great time at the aquarium with our big 3 year old girl!

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