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Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 4th!

We drove home from our vacation the morning of July 4th, because David needed to head back to work on Tuesday.  We stopped at Moe's near Macon on our way home. 

Emma entertained me by balancing a chip clip on her nose....I'm not sure where she gets this stuff. 

When we got home, Emma promptly changed into her Cinderella dress. Sadly I never got a picture of both kids in their patriotic clothes together... be on the lookout for one later (hint, hint!)

We went to see fireworks in Porterdale!

We went to fireworks in Porterdale last year too, but we were at a church that was a little ways away watching.  This year, David wanted to be closer to the action, so we decided to brave the main area. We drove right over the bridge & right through all the people, & then drove on some other residential streets trying to find a good place to watch from. We ended up finding a park.....and it happened to be where they were shooting off the fireworks from!! Right by the entrance of the park was a church, so we sat in our car in the church parking lot to watch. We had an awesome view (ok, it was a little smokey).  There were quite a few other people who watched from where we were too, but we just hung out in the car & had a good time. Henry ate most of his night time bottle during the fireworks, half asleep, but then he woke up & watched & stopped eating. He was so cute just looking up at the fireworks!

Anyway, so once the fireworks were over it took us roughly 45 minutes to get home (30 stuck in VERY slow moving traffic). Ended up being a late night, especially after a long drive that morning, but the kids did great. I think the grown-ups were tired!!

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