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Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 4th Do-Over!

On July 4th this year, we were driving home from our beach vacation, so it didn't go quite like I expected. Emma had an accident & had to change clothes on the way home, so I never got a picture of the kiddos together in their July 4th outfits. Emma put her dress on last week, so I went ahead and dressed Henry in his patriotic attire too :) 

I also bought a July 4th cupcake mix back before we decided to go out of town which we never made, so I figured this was the perfect day.  While Henry napped, Emma & I made cupcakes!

When David got home, I told him about our do-over, & he had recorded a few minutes of the fireworks we saw on the real July 4th & showed them to Emma, so we celebrated our redo complete with fireworks LOL.  David brought our extra cupcakes to work the next day, telling everyone Happy 4th of July. We are totally crazy. But the fun kind.

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