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Monday, April 18, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I had a doctors appointment today just to check how things are going.  Everything is looking good & I have actually made a little progress, which makes me feel a little better. He gave me a little hope that it won't be too much longer (although I'm guessing still a couple weeks at minimum).  I'll be considered full term once I get through Friday which is a good thing.  My blood pressure was good & everything else looked good.  I am still swelling, but at this point it's normal & not related to my blood pressure, so I guess that means I'm allowed to swell :) They did the strep culture & it should be back Wednesday or Thursday, so he's hoping to have the results before I end up in labor... like I said, he gave me a little hope. I like him :)

My back is still causing me a good deal of pain, especially after a long day of sitting in an office chair.  Also, Henry likes to push up around my ribs on the same side as my normal back pain.  They are at about the same level, so yeah, that means bad pain on both sides acting against each other. That also means I'm not able to move to help relieve any of that pain, so yeah... when it happens, I'm not only an unhappy person, it sometimes brings me to tears.  This is happening more & more, which is making me more & more uncomfortable.

I pretty much have everything tied up at work, which is a good feeling.  I'm just helping with my clients as long as I can.

At home, David pulled out all of the baby gear out of the attic so I spent yesterday washing covers & wiping everything down.  So yeah, everything is now put back together & ready to go.  I even went as far as to wipe down some of his toys.  I put the pack 'n play together in his room, not thinking, & then was going to move it out to the living room or our bedroom.... and yeah, it wouldn't fit through the door! So right now the pack n' play is fully put together in Henry's room & I need to take it apart again & move it to our room before putting it back together. Fun stuff :)

At any rate, I go back to the doctor on Monday (I'm on weekly appointments now) & hope to have even better news then :) Maybe a baby is in our not too distant future (I sure hope so!!!)

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