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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hospital Drama

So yesterday I go to my normally scheduled Drs appointment.  They take my blood pressure and it's 150 over 102 - YIKES! Not quite sure where that came from because my BPs have been running normal all pregnancy.  They checked me out, looked at my swollen feet, made me rest & took my BP again (still a little high, but much better) and then sent me to Piedmont for "further observation."  She told me to take my bag, but not count on Henry's coming...

So we get to the hospital at 4:45, get in our room, & do a whole lot of wait.  My blood pressure was more borderline when we were at the hospital.  We saw the Dr around 6, he ordered labs & said we'd make a decision once we got all the labs back.  I had asked the nurse when I was admitted if she needed a urine sample, she said no since I'd left one at the office earlier.  When the shift changed at 7, my new nurse wanted a sample.  After waiting for over 3 hours, she found out that the lab LOST MY URINE.  This wouldn't have been so bad, except now I had to leave another sample (I had recently gone to the potty) & then the lab takes about 45 minutes to process the sample.  In the meantime, I was having measurable contractions anywhere from 4 -13 minutes apart... Ugh. Anyway, around 12:15 my doctor and nurse finally come back in (no my nurse did not neglect me, she came in about every hour to make sure everything was ok, comment on my contractions, etc), however this was the first time the Dr on call came in to check on me since 6!  So yeah, he tells me all my labs are fine & to go home. Yeah, he never checked me.  So I wasn't leaving until he checked because, hello, contractions for over 4 hours... So anyway, I asked him to check & explained we live an hour away, so I hate to get home & then have to turn back around.  He did finally check & there was no new progress since my appointment this afternoon, so yeah, the contractions must just be to torture me.  So yeah, we waited around the hospital for over 7 hours, having pretty regular contractions, just to be sent home.

I go back to the Dr on Wednesday (the nurse advice tried to argue with me & wanted to send me to a different location in TUCKER because my office "didn't have any available times" tomorrow.)  Seeing how the On Call Dr at the HOSPITAL wanted me to follow up tomorrow, I'm seriously not going to Tucker, which feeds into Northside when I am going to Piedmont... Doesn't make any sense at all, not to mention its 30 minutes FURTHER away from me.  So yeah, then I got 2 time options at my normal office. Whatever, I know I'm just annoyed at the whole stupid situation, but seriously.

And poor Emma was such a trooper last night, hanging out in the waiting room with my parents and Atchie.  We finally decided to just send her home with them around 9.  Well, when I got up & called them, I found out she woke up at 4:30am with a temp of 101.5.  My poor dad went to Kroger and got her Tylenol (of course I didn't think to pack any - she was fine.) Anyway, she's now running a temp again & I have a Drs appointment for her at 1:45 to get her checked out.  She's been a little congested, so I'm not sure if it's a sinus infection, an ear infection, or a kidney infection.  Poor baby girl, I want to see her & give her lots of big hugs & kisses! :(

So yeah... drama.  I'm so not going back to the hospital unless they tell me they are going to induce me for sure.

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