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Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Update & a Few Pictures!

We had a full weekend this weekend (what else is new??)  Saturday we did stay in Covington, but David worked on the garden, etc.  I cleaned bathrooms, changed sheets, did laundry, & did lots of picking up. Then David ran the vacuum, so now our house doesn't look too bad (still need to dust, do more laundry, finish getting ready for the baby!) I did pack Henry's bag (he got a new super-cute diaper bag from my boss Melissa!) and I started packing Emma's bag (I'll have to throw in a few things last minute - I made a list).  I have set out a few things for me for the hospital, but a lot will need to be packed closer to time or last minute.  I know I need to make a list of these things too, but I'm just not there yet.

Sunday, we went to pick up the 2nd set of keys for David's car & then we test drove a different car. Then we headed to the hospital for my hospital tour.  I am delivering at a different hospital this time, so we decided we probably should find out where we need to go :) My parents met us to watch Emma during our tour & they took her to Ikea.  Once our tour was over, we headed over to Ikea and finished walking around with them.  Once we were finished, we all went to New Yorker Deli in Vinings for dinner - I love that place & wish we had a good deli in this area.  Got home last night completely worn out & I laid on the couch for an hour and a half until it was bath time!

Oh I forgot to mention that the end of last week I had really bad back pain & Friday late afternoon I was worried I might have a kidney infection, so called & spoke with the on-call nurse.  They worked me in & thankfully I didn't have a kidney infection, nor was I having back labor (that was her biggest concern).  Anyway, I apparently just have extreme back pain during the end of my pregnancies, so yeah, lucky me.  I'm resting a lot, laying down, & trying to stretch! They checked me out good & everything was fine, so I don't go back until the 18th.

Ok, now to the promised pictures!  Truthfully they aren't to exciting.  Here's Emma watching TV very seriously...

And here she is standing funny. 

And this is probably the most interesting... we had a visitor in our backyard a couple weeks back. Can you spot the deer??  

It was after it had been raining & the sun had come out - around 6:30 in the evening.  The deer munched on some leaves & then walked back into the woods, closer to our next door neighbor's house.  Not sure if it will come back, but Emma & I enjoyed seeing it through the window.  It was a good sized deer and was by itself.  It didn't have any antlers, but my dad said this is the time of year that they all lose their antlers, so I'm not sure if it was a boy or girl.

So yeah, we're real exciting as always at the Scrivner house!  We (ok, me mostly) are VERY ready for Baby Henry to join our family!!!

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