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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dress Up

My Emma girl loves to play dress up. The child changes clothes multiple times a day, pulling dresses out of her closet & often breaking the hangers (uh oh!)

She loves shoes, hair bows, jewelry, purses. She is truly a girly girl through & through - which obviously her mommy loves!

When she thinks she looks cute, she asks me to take her picture. I've started leaving my camera on the kitchen counter, because almost daily she asks to have her picture taken.

She also likes to dress up her dolls. She has finally figured out how to put Baby Stella's clothes on (before she only took them off!) Some of her smaller dolls she hasn't yet figured out how to dress, but hopefully that will come soon.

Daddy said tonight we're going to have to lock her closet. Poor baby, time is drawing short!

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