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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

The next few posts will be Christmas & photo intensive.  You have been warned! :) 

First up, Christmas morning.  Someone was a very good girl.  Santa brought a kitchen....

And lots of presents! 

A little girl was pretty sleepy at first.  She checked to see if Santa ate his cookies, drank his milk, & if the reindeer ate all their carrots.

Then present opening began.

She got right into it.  She LOVES opening presents (who can blame her?) Baby girl got food & dishes for her kitchen, a new backpack with her name on it, books, pjs, DVDs, & much more. She had too much fun!

She wanted to give Santa more food, since he ate all of his. And she gave the reindeer more carrots.

Busily working in the kitchen.

David got a cool helicopter.

And a backscratcher - ha!

I believe this happy face says it all!

We had a very blessed Christmas morning! We ate a yummy breakfast & got ready to go to Nanny & Papa's for round 2.

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