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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy Week!

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. Here are a few highlights.

We've been cleaning this week, getting ready for visitors today and Thursday (yes, I will have to clean up again before Thursday, but this was "pre-cleaning"). Most nights we spent picking up, cleaning, & doing laundry. 

We've had a couple boxes in our Dining Room for a few weeks now. They were Emma's new bedroom furniture (dresser and headboard), but hadn't been put together yet. Well, Tuesday night Daddy & Emma worked on putting Emma's dresser together (& moving the boxes!) 

Emma kept telling me "I gotta go help Daddy" so needless to say, she was a little late getting to bed that night. Finally she let me give her a bath & then she passed out.  She was tired!

Once she went to bed, I helped David. Here's her finished dresser! I can't wait until we get her new mattress & can start putting her new room together. She's getting her new bedding from Nanny & Papa for Christmas & Santa is bringing a few decorative things.  Once we find out what Baby #2 is, we can start painting her room.  Speaking of Baby #2 - we're supposed to find out on January 6th. Yes, still a long time & I'm annoyed. It's best not to talk about it. 

On Wednesday, Emma & I made the trek to Atlantic Station to meet Valerie & Jack for dinner & Christmas.  We went to Doc Green's for dinner (we thought it would be easier with two kiddos). 

Baby Jack was first shy when I asked to take his picture & hid from me. 

He is such a doll, I could eat him up.

He would lean his head back & laugh at us, he was so cute!! 

After our fun dinner, we discovered the sidewalks in Atlantic Station were getting icy. This was a foreshadowing of what was to come... We both had a rough drive home. It took both of us about 2 hours to get home. Valerie was headed to Woodstock & we were headed back home.  It took me an hour to get out of downtown... it was horrible, with Exit & bridge closures & wet icy roads.  Valerie did fine getting out of downtown, but slowed way down around our old exit (Delk Rd). We were all thankful we made it home safe.  I guess we'll know better next time! 

We've worked diligently on cleaning house this week & finally "finished."  This weekend we have two Christmas Parties - today is the Gann party and tomorrow is the Hughes party.  I will try to take a few pictures to post. Christmas is 1 week from today!!!! 

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