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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Round 3

Our final Christmas on Christmas day was with the Gann's. The gang all came over to my parents for Hamburgers & Hotdogs, & gifts. 

Sweet Dylan boy. He didn't feel very good on Christmas :( 

Maddy & Emma having some hug time.  Pretty soon, Emma told Maddy "Get off of me!"

My Uncle Perry talks with his hands, lol, and Clint.


Dylan & his Uncle David. This kid is crazy about his Uncle David - or his Uncle David is crazy about him..... I'm thinking it's mutual.

My brother the stud.

Emma ripping into presents!

Aunt Barbara showed Emma how to "sew" her new Ballet Dancers!

Uncle Perry & Nene

David and his new bath toy - Ha!

Maddy & Emma hugging again.  These are their baby dolls.  Maddy's is Cinderella & Emma's is Belle. This was right around the time they got tired & started fighting.

This was the first White Christmas in Atlanta since 1882.  My parents' deck...

Front yard

Street... So pretty!

We were thankfully able to make it back home before the roads froze.  We hadn't gotten much of the white stuff in Covington, mostly just rain.  However, we woke up the next morning to white covering our grass.  Very pretty, but I never got around to taking a picture! 

We had a very blessed Christmas day & were thankful to get to spend time with our family.  We will be doing Christmas with David's family on Saturday, so be on the lookout for one more post of Christmas pictures! 

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