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Friday, December 24, 2010

Puzzles & Christmas Party with Sweet Friends

Emma got a big Princess Puzzle from her Great Uncle & Aunt. It was a "floor" puzzle, so she did need a little help. 

She was pretty excited.

Especially when she was done!

Of course she could name all the princesses, even Jasmine, although she's never seen Aladdin.

More dress up pictures - today in a grass skirt.

Last night we had my sweet friends Jamie, Jeni, & Elizabeth over for dinner. Jamie's Matt & Jeni's Matt were able to join us too.  Elizabeth's Michael was spending time with his parents & couldn't make it.

Emma, of course, was our free entertainment.  She tickled & hugged & sang for all of us.  She has 5 new friends :)

So glad we were able to get together - I love these girls!

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