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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas with Atchie & Her Gang

We had Christmas Saturday night with Atchie, Robbie, Victoria, & Taylor (Chris & Ashley weren't able to make it).  Mrs Ann, Robbie's mom, & Uncle Cory & Courtney were able to make it too. For those who may not know, Atchie is my mom's best friend (her actual name is Allison) & she is family, just not by blood. My middle name is Allison after her.  

Anywho, we went to Rib Ranch for dinner (we are fancy!) and then went to my parents house for the festivities. Emma below is hanging out with her Papa eating a cookie. It was very sweet - she only ate half & then she was Done. 

I'm pretty sure she liked her cookie! Btw, I made her hairbow to match her outfit. I'm still a little proud of it :)

Mrs Ann, Robbie, Atchie, & Victoria. This was before the opening began.

Emma with her new favorite thing - a Belle doll! She is in love & slept with her last night. She's also played with her all day, changing her outfit, brushing her hair, & making her take a nap.

Papa helping Em get out her new "Snap" Doll (I forget what exactly they're called, but she loves this one).

Robbie, Victoria, Mom

Playing with Linh

So apparently I didn't take too many pictures last night, most of just my kiddo. But let's leave it at we were all very spoiled, especially the little girl above who came home with 4 new outfits, Belle, Snap Doll, silly bands, and an adorable Addy & Emma doll magnetic dress up set.

We didn't open Addy & Emma last night, so we wouldn't lose any little pieces. She found it when I was cleaning up this morning & I let her play with it at the kitchen table. She LOVES it & has played off & on all day. Definitely a big hit.  Her favorite thing right now is taking clothes off & on her dolls, so this is perfect because she can change the dolls' clothes quickly & easily. She cracked me up earlier because she had a pair of pants over Emma's face.  Crazy kid. 

A big thank you to Atchie - Thank you so much, we love everything!!!! 

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