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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trick or Treat!

We had a great time Trick or Treating this year!  This was Henry's first year participating - last year he & I stayed home! 

A couple quick pictures on our porch before we left...

We have a big neighborhood, so David got out the wagon & let the kids ride so they wouldn't tire out so quick.  This was smart, I wish someone pulled me around in a wagon!  Henry & I only made it to 5-6 houses before we called it a night.  I really just wanted him to get the experience & he loved it.  He liked all the people "ahhh"-ing over him & he liked going up to their doors & holding out his bag. 

Emma is now an old-pro at Trick or Treat.  She & Daddy went last year, so she knew what she was doing & was always polite.  I was very proud. 

Both kids LOVED answering the door to the other trick or treaters.  Emma stayed dressed up until bath time.  I thought I would give Henry a quick bath & then he'd go down for bed, but it was a no-go.  He was determined to stay up until our visitors were gone.  We closed shop around 8:45, so he was only a little late for bedtime.  Both kids were wound up - and honestly not on candy! Emma had only 1-2 pieces & I don't think Henry had any.  They just thought Halloween was fun.  :) 

One funny story - when Emma came home from school after having the character parade (ie, Halloween afternoon), she said "Mom, I've changed my mind.  I don't want to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween anymore.  I want to be Tinkerbell." I explain that it's too late to change our mind, but she insists I should take her costume back to the store & get her Tinkerbell instead.  She wasn't too happy when I told her she'd have to wait for next year.  Who knows what she'll want to be by then! LOL

At any rate, we had a great time & no drama when it was time to get dressed as Minnie.  :)

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