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Monday, November 12, 2012

Disney World - Day 1

So this is where I should probably go ahead & apologize for the large number of pictures in the next several posts.... this is actually just the highlights. Between all of us, we seriously took over 1000 pictures easy.  

We began Day 1 with breakfast at Chef Mickey's! David, Emma, & I had been there before & loved it, so we had to go back with my parents & Henry. 

Our family

Emma's autograph book that I made (I cut & glued scrapbook paper to the cover of a sketch book)

They have a delicious breakfast buffet, complete with Mickey waffles. Believe me, the waffles are NOT over-rated. They are awesome & in my opinion, a must do!  You can get Mickey waffles at lots of breakfasts, you don't just have to do Chef Mickey's (it's so hard to get a reservation!)

Chef Mickey's is a character meal - it is the most popular if you want to see the main characters.  They have the favorite 5 - the other meals don't have as many.  We saw Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, & Pluto! It was so much fun!!

I made Emma pose for a picture so you could see her dress.  I MADE it!! (it was easy - just a pillow case dress. My BFF Valerie did the vinyl Mickey head for me!) 

Mommy's cutie pie

We spent Day 1 at Animal Kingdom.  I think it was a good park to do first... there aren't many rides, so first, the kids aren't used to them yet, LOL. It also helps you get into the groove of walking & the parks.    And it's a lot of fun :) It has some great shows (we love Nemo & the Lion King). It has a couple coaster sfor the big people (David & I rode one). 

Here's Emma when waiting in line for our first Safari cruise. She was eating an apple my dad had in his backpack.  Mom called it a "Poison Apple" and Em made this face, LOL.

We LOVE the safari. We think it's the best part of Animal Kingdom.  So we rode it twice, once right after we got there & once right before we left.  It works out well, you get to see things you didn't see the other time.



On our second trip, this Rhino was seriously feet away from our jeep. 

And on the second ride, we got to see The King himself. He was AWESOME. And Beautiful!!!

They have a kid-friendly area called Dino-land.

We ate lunch in Dino-land, & then Henry fell asleep, so we took Emma to the boneyard. They have lots of stuff to play on - stepping "stones" that roar....slides....a giant play area....

But Emma's favorite part was the Dig! She played in the "sand", digging up dino bones for easily 30 mins+.

When Henry woke up, we all rode the Triceratops Spin.

The kids & my parents went to see Lion King (we've seen it before - it's really good), so David & I went to ride Dinosaur - a roller coaster. We tried to ride the other coaster, but it was temporarily closed, so we had a quick snack instead ;) 

On our walk back to meet my parents, we stopped to watch some monkeys swinging around. They were really cool. Sadly, we tried to go back by to show the kids, but they were inside.

Quick pictures by the Tree...

A little "Monkeying Around" waiting for the tram to the car...

We had pizza for dinner...

Came back to the condo & crashed.  We had a great first day!

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