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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disney World - Day 4

We spent the 4th day at Hollywood Studios! It was a great pick for our last day, we did it as a half day & rested that morning.

Henry finally got a hat of his own...

Our family

Em & Nanny

Under the hat

Fake city, lol

My cutie waiting for lunch

We at lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater.  It was a cool concept, we ate in cars & watched old Sci Fi movies on a big screen.  Sadly the food was just ok & Henry was difficult the whole time....

Our car 

This is how Henry spent the whole meal, hanging over the back of our seat, letting Nanny feed him.  It was annoying.

We went to the Beauty & the Beast show, which was a highlight!  Both kids LOVE shows. Seriously, Henry just sits there, stares, & points. He even claps at the appropriate times.

All the excitement wore him out.  He took a nap...

And David, Emma, & I used our fastpasses to ride the Tower of Terror.  Now, keep in mind David & I had no desire to ride this ride, this was ALL Emma.  She asked to ride it the very first day we spent at Disney. She is crazy.

Here she is before...

And after! She was a little scared, but liked it & asked to ride it again.  We said NO.

Cool dude in Mommy's shades.

She did get to ride the Star Wars (Star Tours) ride twice. She liked it.  Actually, she liked it way more than Nanny & Papa did....they said it was too intense for them :) 

We ate dinner at Pizza Planet & then got to use our fastpasses for Toy Story Mania!!!! Which was awesome!  One of my favorite rides for sure!  Emma asked to ride it again too, but with a 90 minute wait at 8pm, we said no.

We headed back to the condo to pack it up & head out the next morning.  Henry's picture below sums up how we all felt on the way home - we were exhausted (with crazy hair, lol)!!!

We had the best trip & can't wait to get to go again!!!!! It truly is the Happiest Place on Earth & my kids were so well behaved, I was very proud!

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