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Monday, July 2, 2012


So Friday was my last day at my job of 3 1/2 years.  David & I began talking about my staying home with the kids full-time a few months ago & decided to make the jump this summer.  It was a hard decision to make & of course, lots of changes are required to make it work, but we are both excited about what it means for our family.  I let my work know 6 weeks ago.  I felt that since this is more of a "retirement" rather than a job change, it was only fair of me to give them as much time as possible.  It gave me time to do things for my clients that they had coming up & also gave my company time to hire a replacement & start training her.  Hopefully she'll be trained enough to be able to help out this fall during the busy season at the office.  I may help out part-time with work this fall when they get busy.  We'll see how it works out, Henry may go to Mothers Day Out a couple days a week.

It was really hard telling my clients.  They were all so happy for me.  I really appreciated all the calls & emails I got when I shared the news.  It made me feel very appreciated.  The type of work I was doing was hard - you didn't really get a lot of feedback unless something was wrong, and then it was negative feedback.  It was nice to get kind words & appreciation for a change.  I will miss my clients.

I will also miss my co-workers.  They've become like a family to us.  We live over an hour from our real family, so it means a lot to have some support in the area.  I appreciate the friendships I've gained & hope to keep in touch with many of my co-workers.  We celebrated my last day on Friday with a girls night out.  We went to a movie & then went to dinner.  It was so nice to be away from work & just spend time with those girls.  I will miss them a lot.

I am so excited about the time with my kids.  It's going to be quite a transition, but they are both at such fun ages, I'm hoping it will go well & that we'll have the opportunity to do some fun things together.  I'll be home with Henry all the time, but Emma will start Pre-K in August, so I'll only have her this month before she goes back to school.  Luckily, she won't have to stay extra hours like she would have, so I'll get her back earlier in the afternoon.  And I'll actually get to be home with her during breaks from school, Summer Vacation, & sick days (hopefully not many!) I'm hoping to get us into a little routine this summer, but it will change again in August when she goes back to school.  I know I'll miss her & Henry will too.

It'll be an adjustment for David & me too.  Working together has honestly been a good thing for us, but it's definitely not without its stress.  Thankfully we both work well together, but also with our jobs, we haven't worked on the same projects too often.  It was nice driving to & from work together, spending lunch together, etc.  It will also be good to have a break, I'm hoping we will both appreciate each other more with more time apart.  We'll need to be more intentional about time together during the evenings & on weekends.  I'm hoping it will be good for our relationship.

So anyway, those are the changes that are taking place! I'm hoping to get to blog more now that I'm home, but with these two, who knows! I will definitely be busy, but I'm hoping to work in some downtime for Mommy too :)  We are all very excited about being home - you'll be hearing more about our adventures for sure!

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