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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Emma's Dance Recital - More Pics!

So here's a little catch-up.  So remember how Emma had her first official dance recital....and my camera died?  Well here are some pics from my parents' camera.  We couldn't take any during the performance (I did thankfully get them during the dress rehearsal on my camera!) so these are all pre-recital. 

Here's my pretty girl, ready & excited!

With Nanny (my mom)

With Mommy

With Grandma (David's mom)

With Atchie (she's my mom's best friend & like my second mom)

With Papa (my dad)

Emma was blessed to have a lot of family come in for the recital!  My parents & Nene drove in from Marietta & we had lunch with them before the recital.  Atchie came in from Dacula.  Grandma, Grandpa, & Aunt Susan came in from Ball Ground!  We had a full group!

Emma & her dance friends did great & were so very cute!  She was pleased that she got lots of flowers when she was done! :)

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