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Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 4th!

We had a great time celebrating the 4th of July this year!  Both sets of grandparents were out of town, so we stayed home & hung out this year.

Here are the kids in their festive clothes :) 

Then we went to the park & played on the playground.  Here's Henry who thinks he's big enough to play too.  Thankfully this playground was big enough for adults to climb around too - otherwise we would have a mad little boy! 

Henry got to go down the big slide with Daddy! Ha.  Daddy wasn't too happy! 

We grilled out for lunch & dinner, played around the house, & then took baths & got ready to go the fireworks!  

We went to fireworks in Porterdale & had a great view. Unfortunately we waited about 2 hours for a 15 minute show.  Entertaining two crazy kids in a car for 2 hours is no easy feat! Thankfully they both loved the fireworks & then promptly fell asleep during our drive home. They were both worn slap out (& up WAY past their bedtimes!) 

Of course, the late bedtimes did not equal getting up late the next morning.  Oh well. 

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