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Friday, July 6, 2012

Swim Lessons

A few weeks ago, Emma took Swim Lessons at Rockdale Gynmastics.  They were every day for 2 weeks (8 lessons total).  She did great & really learned a lot & got more confident in the water.

Here she is sliding down the shallow-end slide.

And swimming with her teacher.

The brave kids got to try the deep end slide! She finally tried it the last week of lessons.

Putting her face under the water.

All the kids went down the deep end slide on the last day. She was so much braver than before! 

As a special treat on the last day, the kids got to try out a blow-up Slip-n-Slide. They loved it! 

Her class with their certificates! 

My friend Jennifer from work's daughter Skylar did swim lessons with us too.  Sweet friends! 

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