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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Weekend Recap

Following our busy week of back to work (3 day work week!), the weekend was definitely welcome!

Saturday Emma & I spent shopping with Nanny & Atchie. I was able to get a few more things for Emma & Baby Boy's bedrooms.  Emma's room only needs new curtains & Nanny is going to paint a canvas for her wall to match her new bedding. Baby Boy only needs new curtains & a few accessories - I may decide to get a cover for the changing pad, etc, but he is close too. His room does need to be emptied out & painted & I need to go through all the baby stuff, so there's definitely a lot of work still to do. I also found a dress to wear to my brother's wedding in March & bought a shower gift for next weekend.  Pretty productive trip to Marietta! We were able to meet up with Papa & went to pick up Nene from Rehab & took her out for some BBQ for dinner, where David joined us.  Pretty fun Saturday!

Emma fell asleep on the way home last night (around 7:15 - she hadn't taken a nap). We expected her to wake up once we made it home, but she stayed asleep, so we put her in bed - clothes & all.  Apparently this was a bit of a mistake, because at 3:30 she came into our room, telling me she needed a change & "to watch a movie or something." I told her it was still night time, but took her back in her room to change her & put her back to bed. I found her clean pjs and a dry pull up & pulled off her shirt & put on the pj top. When I went to pull down her pants, I realized they were soaked & cold! I felt sooo bad! Anyway, I got her wiped off, diapered, & dressed. Please remember this was 3:30 in the morning & she needed to go back to sleep - that's the only reason she didn't get a bath right then! Then I had to change her sheets because of course they were soaked too.  Keep in mind that I did all this from the bathroom light in the hall, because I wanted to make sure she knew it wasn't time to get up yet! Finally, she was in bed & happy & dry & I headed to bed, where I stayed awake for the next hour worrying about her. David didn't even know she'd been up.  Around 4:30, I'm guessing, she came back in & got in bed with us (on David's side), then she got up & told me she wanted to go back to bed. At this point - it was Daddy's turn! She went back to bed & slept pretty good until probably around 7:45 (thankfully, I finally did too).  I told David to get up with her & I slept until just before 9 - I was exhausted.

Anywho, today I finished putting Emma's room together, besides the curtains & a few things yet to be hung on the wall.  It's looking pretty cute if I do say so myself.  No worries, pictures will be posted once it's all complete - should be very soon!

I went through a few boxes that we had been storing at my in-law's since before we moved.  Now they are either put away or boxed back up for later.  Lots of laundry has been done today too.  By the way, Emma loves to help with laundry. She can load & unload the washer/dryer - pretty helpful.  The dryer just finished, so I asked her to put the clothes from the dryer into the laundry basket, & she did it all by herself & then pushed the laundry basket into our room.  She now needs to learn how to fold :)

It's about time for a bath, so I've got to head out.  Kind of looking forward to the week, kind of not.  This will be a full 5 day work week (ok, outside of the Dr's appointment I have Tuesday afternoon), so I'm hoping I can make it through.  I've been a lot more tired lately & haven't been feeling very well the past few days, but I'm trying to muddle through.  I'll just do what I can, I guess.

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