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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Play Date with Valerie & "Baby" Jack

My parents are in Nashville this weekend. My mom is working on recording an album. No, seriously, she is, with a group she sings with. Anyway, we decided to spend the weekend at home since the next few months look pretty jam-packed. 

When I found out my parents would be out of town, I checked with Valerie to see if they might be available to come over & play this weekend, & thankfully they were! They've had kind of a busy week - Lee (Valerie's hubby, Jack's daddy) had emergency surgery to remove his appendix on Monday, but thankfully is doing great! Valerie was still up to getting out of the house & taking the long drive down to our house, & arrived around 1 this afternoon.

Emma eagerly awaiting her visitors...

Sweet Jack & Valerie!

They enjoyed taking all the magnets off the fridge.

So yeah, that's unfortunately all the pictures I took.  Valerie & I had a great time catching up & talking, & the kiddos had fun playing with all of Emma's toys.  We moved between Emma's room & the living room, playing with the kitchen, blocks, house, Baby Stella, etc.  We also went outside to see the fish & ate some chocolate chip cookies. Thankfully, Emma only knocked Jack over (by accident) once, when she was giving him a hug goodbye! He landed on her foam PBK chair, so he was fine :) She wanted to help him up, but I think that's what upset him the most! Jack was so cute & sweet, but was pretty shy & kept going for the front door. He wasn't too sure of what to make of us - can't say as I blame him! They both did great until the very end when they started getting tired.  Emma started yelling indistinguishable words.  I have no idea...

Anyway, they had to head out around 3:30 to make it back to their neck of the woods by 5 for a birthday party.  We had so much fun with them & wish they could have stayed & played longer! Can't wait to do it again soon - next time we'll have to come up & try out Jack's toys!

Emma had so much fun & finally ended up crashing on the couch while watching Beauty & the Beast. 

She's been asleep for probably about an hour.  Toys are now all picked up & I'm working on a little laundry & relaxing! I'm super excited that my house is clean & I'm looking at a full night & day tomorrow AT HOME! Although, you know I'm a busy bee & I've already pretty much decided that tomorrow I'll start going through the baby stuff & seeing what we can use for Baby Brother.  I think we have a few "gender-neutral" things he can wear, but not much. Time to start making a list, start washing clothes, & start getting his room all ready for him - I seriously can't wait!!! 

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