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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Emma's Big Girl Room

Although Emma's room is still not 100% done, it's about 95%, so I decided to go ahead & post some pictures. At this point, I do still want to get some white curtains (shears) to replace the pink from her nursery, but haven't found anything I really like yet. Also, I still need to hang back up her name, I just need to decide where to put it.  A few things will be re-arranged, etc, but overall I'm VERY happy with how it's turned out. 

View when you first walk into her room. 

I ordered the white furniture from Target & David put it together. We replaced the X-Long Twin bed with a standard twin. Nanny & Papa got her the quilt from Pottery Barn Teen for Christmas.  My mom also painted the awesome canvas over her bed (sorry, I should have gotten a close up - I will later & post it). The pink pillow is from Target & I love it!

Her dresser with the new mirror from IKEA.  I do have plans to revamp the items on top of the dresser, but leaving it as is for now.

These are the curtains from her nursery. While they "go" I kind of what something more subtle to tone down the pink walls. Also, I want to make some changes to the buckets of toys below the window. Believe it or not, I have put away (hidden) TONS of stuff, but she has SO MUCH. I can't wait to get her play room together & move a lot upstairs. 

Her bed and new rug from Target. I went with a white bedskirt, but please ignore the wrinkles! They have somewhat fallen out, but I probably should iron it.

Her fun bow holder my mom got at the Sprayberry Craft Show last year. It's sadly very full & I've even put away a lot of the smaller bows that she doesn't wear as much!

Dollhouse & shelf.

Pegs which I haven't put anything on yet and her "nightstand" which is no where close to her bed :) This section needs a little work, I'm thinking about hanging her name above the pegs. Need to work on what to put on the nightstand too - unfortunately it's pretty handy for her humidifier.

Her dresser decorations for now. I found the picture frame at Kohls, the basket at Hobby Lobby in the Valentine's section, and fell in love with the Cupcakes from Pottery Barn Teen!

A few items on her shelf - her jewelry box, handprint, letter E, and Piggy Bank.

Dollhouse which currently houses a lot of her books. Will likely re-work what's in here too.

So yeah, it's a work in progress & I still have plans, but nothing major really.  Will post a few updates as they occur :)

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