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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days!

We've been hit with Winter Storm 2011! It came in Sunday night & we got 4-5 inches of snow.  Then came in the freezing rain & sleet right on top, which left a big icy mess! Oh well, it definitely looks pretty!

Our backyard, the pond is partially frozen over. 

Drive way

Our snowy house

On Monday, we were home all day and spent a little time outside enjoying the snow.  All bundled up to go outside!

Throwing snowballs

 Daddy wrote Emma's name in the snow.

She said her daddy was going to build a snowman.  Unfortunately, with the ice/snow, it didn't pack well, so he couldn't build her one.  I made a snowman pile to appease her :)

I think she likes it!

Daddy and a block of snow.

Emma wanted to hold it too.  Then she "threw" it like her daddy.

David worked on painting Emma's new room Monday also, she was very excited to have a pink room.  She says pink is her favorite!

Today, David went into work around 9:30, but Emma's school was closed for the day, so she & I stayed home.  She's been very good all day, watching movies, playing, & "helping" me.  I worked off & on from home all day, which was good.  My inbox shouldn't be too bad when I get to go back to work.

For the last 30 minutes, Emma has been in her room reading her books nicely to herself. Such a sweet little monkey.  :)

Haven't heard the word on school for her tomorrow - we will see!

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