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Monday, July 1, 2013

Christmas Afternoon

We celebrating on Christmas afternoon at my parent's house! 

Henry was so cute piled up with all the babies while watching a show.

My fabulous, awesome husband made homemade pizzas for my family...both deep dish & thin crust. 

They were seriously good. 

My brother tried on my mom's new bright pink North Face fleece. 

Here's my Nene, my mom's mom.

Sorry, but I think she's pretty cute. 

Courtney & Cory

Henry loves this puppy that he barks & walks around. 

My brother is pretty cute interacting with Henry....but forget about asking him to change a diaper LOL.

Henry got a Truck cozy coupe...Emma liked it too.

Good thing there's a trunk....they can both ride, lol. 

My mom was so funny with the Elmo...he tells jokes & laughs. 

We had a great Christmas with my parents! 


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