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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Disney - Feb 2013

We decided to head down to Orlando in February during Emma's Winter Break for a little Disney fun! Our friends Elizabeth & Michael let us stay with them & we appreciated it so much!!!!

Mr. Michael has a lot of fun musical instruments & let the kids try out the drums (& a keyboard). They loved it! 

Since we only had two days we hit Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios this trip.  Elizabeth & Michael joined us for part of the day at Magic Kingdom. 

So quick note, it was seriously FREEZING the weekend we were we could have worn our coats!  Unfortunately it was colder than they predicted but we made due in our hoodies/fleeces & lots of layers.  The second day wasn't as cold as the first & we could go without jackets part of the day.  Crazy! 

We got to meet Mary Poppins - she's never out!!! 

My kids LOVED Elizabeth & Michael! 

We really enjoyed checking out the new Fantasyland - we went to Story-time with Belle and rode the Little Mermaid ride. 

Emma got to be Mrs. Pots :) 

We met Minnie & Daisy 

Rode the teacups, of course :) 

The next day we went to Hollywood Studios! We saw a stunt car show which David loved :) 

We ate Pizza Planet for lunch....the kids & I took tons of crazy pictures waiting for Daddy to get our lunch, LOL. 

And we got to meet Phineas & Ferb, which were a total hit! 

We also rode the Toy Story ride, which is awesome :) 

We got lots of fun time with Elizabeth & Michael...I apparently didn't take enough pictures :( 

Before we headed home the next morning we decided to go to a quick character meal at the Beach Club Resorts.

We met Goofy...

Minnie Mouse...

And Donald Duck!

The breakfast was good & it definitely wasn't nearly as crowded as Chef Mickey's....but we'd probably still pick Chef Mickey's next time LOL.  

We had a great vacation....we can't wait to go back!


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