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Monday, July 15, 2013

"First Loose Tooth!"

So I was thinking it was about time for Emma to get her first loose tooth, so I kept checking periodically but they weren't loose.  Then one day she came home from school & one of her bottom teeth was seriously crooked.  I checked it & sure enough, it was barely hanging the same day we discovered the loose tooth, it was time to pull it!!! 

We took a few pictures before with all her baby teeth...

Henry had to show me his teeth too, lol.

And it's out!  She pulled it by herself, just twisted & pulled.  Her dentist was really proud when she told her  :) I was very, very impressed...I remember my tooth pulling to be dramatic when I was her age.

What was so funny is she told everyone that she had her first loose tooth...not that she lost her first tooth! She's just so cute.


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