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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Christmas Morning

So I'll be honest, our Christmas morning was crazy good & we were all spoiled....but I was the most spoiled (& surprised of all). 

Santa came & everything was ready to go! 

Calm before the storm.

Emma's big gift was an American Girl Doll which looks like her.  She named her Izzy. 

Henry got a few Mickey things...he's his fave. 

I look horrible, but this proves I was there, LOL. 

Henry opening his Little People Zoo toy...his big gift was actually a Family Zoo this kind of went along with it. 

David's big gift was plane tickets to go see his best friend in North Dakota after New Year's....he got a few things like clothes, etc too.

I was surprised with a few fun things from my list like a new fancy camera that I love so much!!

Then Christmas Morning was over & we got showered, dressed, & David packed up the car to go up to my parents' in Marietta.

David knew I planned to check out my new camera during the 1:15 drive to my parents, so it surprised me when he asked if I wanted to drive......of course not.  

Well, we went out to the car...but we didn't get into the car in the garage, he went outside to the driveway.....and parked in the driveway was MY NEW CAR!!!!!!!!! (This picture was taken later)...

So a little back story...remember the car accident me & the kids had a couple weeks before Christmas? David had been secretly talking to a car dealership in Maryland about getting a new plug-in Prius (the accident was in our 2008 Prius which was silver) & had actually signed the paperwork on the new car just hours before I called to tell him about the car accident...LOL.  Anyway, with the mess from the insurance companies (due to an uninsured driver hitting my car...) & lots of issues with rental cars & new car seats for the kids, etc this car in the driveway was a total shock.  I had no idea he bought a new car...we had talked about it a little & I pretty much told him whatever he wanted to do, but I had no idea he bought one...and with the car accident I figured that had all taken a back burner.  

So yeah, he had the car taken by car carrier from Maryland to Covington, had it delivered in the Walmart parking lot (LOL)....and then hid it at our co-worker's house about 5 miles away for a few days.  Then our friend dropped it off at our house on Christmas Eve around 10 pm.  So when I came out to get in the car he'd packed up on Christmas morning, it was a total shock & yes, there were tears! Oh, but he didn't put a bow on it, I guess that only happens in movies LOL.  

I should also add that he ordered the kids both new carseats from Amazon & had those installed in the new car too, so we were finally all set.  

Henry liked the new car....and so did I :) 

(To finish out the car story, once the 2008 Prius was repaired from the car accident, we eventually sold it like he'd planned to do in the first place.) 


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